Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hilton Head, SC

Yesterday we went to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. What a disappointment that was. It’s not anything like the beach towns we’re familiar with. Actually, you can’t even see the beach without parking somewhere and walking to the beach. Only problem with that is that there is no place to park and there are only 3 places that have public beach access. We parked in a hotel parking lot and went inside and asked if we could park there for 10 minutes so we could go see the beach. The beach itself was actually very beautiful. It’s just too bad that only those who are staying in one of the condos or resorts can see it.

We also visited a few of their little museums. Not really much to see but it felt good to get out and walk around the grounds. Pretty informative too. I never knew that indigo was such a big crop here. Guess I never really thought about it before.

We had lunch at the Crazy Crab restaurant. I had fish and chips and Rod had a crab cake sandwich. Both were very tasty. These statues were in the parking lot. Not sure what their significance was. One of them, Diana the Huntress, was for sale in the kayak store. Hmmmmm

We are planning on leaving here tomorrow and heading to Atlanta to have the satellite dish installed. We’ll probably be staying at Hard Labor State Park for a few weeks. Everything is done on the rig and the truck so there’s nothing holding us here. We’ve had a nice time here in the parking lot at Camping World. A whole month of free electricity, wifi and space. We’ve met some really nice people too. A couple that is parked next to us were here 2 months before us so they’ve been here for 3 months now waiting for parts. They really don’t care that much because they are also fulltimers and are enjoying the freebees too. They’ve been fulltiming for 7 years now and have really been a blessing to us for showing us all kinds of tricks and tips. We’re really going to miss them.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Here it is

Okay, okay. So many people were asking for pictures so I finally went out and took some. It's so cold today. Temp when I got up this morning was 33 degrees and now it's only 44. I think that's about as high as it will get today. Since we are heading north whenever we get out of here I guess I should be happy with 44. I don't think it'll even get that warm in Kentucky when we get there.

Haven't been doing much of anything here except getting settled in. I think I rearranged my kitchen today for the 5th time. I'm probably still not done rearranging. LOL Oh well, it gives me something to do.

Boo Hoo for my Chargers who lost to the Patriots yesterday.

Okay, here are the pictures............

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Still Waiting in Georgia

Well, we're still here in Georgia with nothing going on. We did manage to go into Old Savannah. It was cold and misty but we took the tour anyway. We've been there before but it was still nice to get out and do something.

The hitch and toolbox are in!! Yesterday we got the slide rail repaired. That's the last of the major things that needed to be done. The only thing we're waiting on now is some new locks for the storage areas and we need to get the outside detailed. Since it sat here for a year and a half and nobody did anything to keep it clean it got quite a bit of mildew on it. They said they can get it off the awning but probably not the mouldings. Gheeze, if we knew they weren't going to be taking care of it we could have come up here and washed it ourselves. We were only a seven hour drive away.

It would be nice if we could go out and do some sight seeing but it's so freakin cold here. We'd like to go out and see Tybee Island and go to Hilton Head but we'd probably not even be able to get out of the truck. Do we sound like wimps? Whatever.

We went to dinner with niece Rachelle and her whole fandamily the other night. Her oldest daughter Kaylee is in the school band and a portion of our food order was being donated to the school. It was a nice time. We're so glad that we can spend some time with family while we're here. Here's a pic of our dinner.

I've had some requests for pics of our rig and truck. I'll try to go out today and take some. It's supposed to be sunny today after the fog burns off. Tomorrow is supposed to rain again so today would be the day to take some pictures.

Friday, January 11, 2008

House FINALLY sold!!!

YAY!!! Unless you've been living under a rock you know that our house finally sold!!! We closed escrow on the 20th of December. We HAD a closing date of October 25th but that date came and went while the buyer was trying to find financing. We spent two frustrating months waiting to find out what was going to happen. In the meantime we had pretty much cleaned out the house and took everything up to our 5th wheel so we spent those two months living in our house in Florida with not a whole lot of stuff. My good friend PennYE packed up my kitchen so the only thing I had to cook with was a frying pan that was left in the dishwasher. We went out to dinner a lot or had frozen dinners that could be cooked in the microwave. For somebody that loves to cook and watches Food Network ALL the time that was a challenge.

Now here we are sitting in the Camping World parking lot(been here for 3 weeks now) waiting for this and that to be taken care of. The hitch and toolbox were installed today and some other things were taken care of. The refrigerator was unable to run on electric, it was only running on propane. That kinda sucked because we have free 50Amp electric here and have to pay for propane. It's nice to have that fixed. This dealer has been AMAZING with what they've done for us. Our rig sat here on their lot for a year and a half and they are still honoring all work that needs to be done. They even replaced the television in the living room that didn't work. Now we have a really nice HDTV that they installed. We don't have our satellite yet or internet but the TV channels come in pretty nice here and we are using the free WiFi from the hotel across the street. When you add in the free site and free electric we're doing pretty good. Granted, the view isn't the best but we can't complain too much.

We are anxious to leave here and start our adventure. We have a lot we want to see. From here we're headed to Atlanta to have our internet and television satellite installed and from there to Kentucky to have a cover put on the truck. After that we don't have ANY commitments until the 20th of May for our grandson's birthday in Utah so we're contemplating where to go. We do know that we're going to Texas to visit John (son) but don't know how long we're going to be there. This life is the BEST!!