Monday, April 11, 2011

Moving Across Texas

WARNING:  Long blog, LOTS of pics

The last time I wrote we were in Yuma enjoying the company of some good friends and visiting with Rod’s sister and her husband.  We had a great time there but we had to get a move on.

We headed over to Apache Junction to check in on my mom and met up with Jim & Ellie again.  We did a little bit of exploring in the area and even had my mom over for a bbq.

She really enjoyed being in the campground.  We used to camp a lot with my parents and they continued camping even when us kids were all grown and gone from home.  They had to stop when my Dad’s health got bad and then he passed away so she hasn’t been camping in many, many years.

Jim being smoked out at the bbq


Ellie and Mom enjoying the burgers


Mom had all of us over to her house for dinner


Mom’s backyard feeder


Other pictures from the Apache Junction area



Roosevelt Dam


The bridge had to be built so traffic didn’t go across the dam


Tortilla Flat for burgers



Saguaro Cacti


Desert flowers








This was in a cage inside the Visitor’s Center


We got the opportunity to see a reptile demonstration at the Apache Junction Museum.  It was really interesting and we found out some things we didn’t know before.

A Gila Monster


A Scorpion


A Coral Snake


And a Rattle Snake


He had the rattler go into a tube and then he could hold on to it


Another one of our day trips took us out to Maricopa to visit our Canadian friends, JB & Brenda.  Brenda had a feast prepared for us and it was very yummy!


One last road trip took us out to Grease Wood Flat.  We had heard they had really good burgers here.  They sure did.  It’s a biker’s hangout but what I want to know is when did the bikers get so old???  LOL




We went out for a farewell dinner at Carrabba’s Italian Grille with Jim & Ellie.  We are separating after 4 1/2 months traveling together.  We need to head east for the summer and they need to head north for their daughter’s wedding.  It will be eight months before we see them again out in the desert next winter.  We'll miss them terribly.  Travel safe, my friends.



From Apache Junction we went to Deming, New Mexico and spent the night at the Escapee’s Dreamcatcher RV Park.

The next morning we were on the road again and ended up in Balmorhea, Texas.  We had some long driving days but we find it so much easier now that we have a motorhome.  We can stop for a quick lunch that I can make myself and back on the road.  We aren’t beat to death by the rough ride of the truck we used to have.

We had an unexpected (and unwelcome) visitor in Balmorhea.  Rod went out to the car and stopped in his tracks when he heard the unmistakable rattle of a rattlesnake!  The snake was trying to swallow a bird it had just killed but was having trouble as the bird was way to big to swallow.  He had the bird in his fangs in the middle.  I think if he had tried to swallow it from either end he would have been successful.  Don’t really know, just my opinion.




He finally gave up and slithered into the bushes


The next day we were going to go all the way to Kerrville but changed our minds when we looked at the map and found the Caverns of Sonora.  We had passed these caves many, many times driving back and forth across I-10 but never stopped.  I was reading that they had a RV park there so we decided this was going to be the time we stop.  I’m SO glad we did!  These caves have got to be some of the most impressive that we have seen.  We’ve been to caves all over the world (including Carlsbad Caverns) but I think I have a new favorite and I would definitely go back.








Our visitors were a lot more friendly too



The RV park left a lot to be desired but we were only there for one night and it was very convenient to the caves.  The price was right too.  Water and electric hookups for $15 a night.

The next morning we decided to go to Fredericksburg.  We had been there before but not to stay.  It’s a cute little German town with good German food.  Well, the parks there were either too expensive or too trashy.

We went out to grab a sandwich at Subway and headed down to Kerrville to see what was available on the river.  We stopped in at a few places but at $45 a night we said, “no thanks”.  We headed for the city park that we had visited a few years ago.  I really liked it then and hoped it still looked the same.  It did!!  We made a reservation for the next day and headed back up to Fredericksburg for dinner.  After a horrible dinner and lousy service we were definitely ready to leave.

Today finds us at Kerrville-Schreiner Park (city park) right on the Guadalupe River.  It’s so quiet and peaceful here.  We definitely made the right choice (for us).