Friday, January 21, 2011

I Did It Again!

Yep, I’m slacking again.  It’s been almost a month now since I’ve written a blog.  It’s not like we haven’t been doing anything.  We have.  We actually left San Antonio, spent a few weeks down in Rockport, TX, came back to San Antonio and are now headed down the road on I-10 heading for the Arizona desert.

While we were in San Antonio we decided to head up to Fredericksburg and visit some of the Texas wineries.  They actually have a wine trail.  We designated Jim as our driver since he doesn’t drink wine.  He was a trooper putting up with us winos.


First stop was the Chisholm Trail Winery.  We got there just a little bit early.



From there we headed for lunch.  Fredericksburg is a German town and we have a favorite restaurant there.  As usual, the food was excellent!


We continued on to some more wineries before calling it a day and headed home with our purchases.  It was another great day with the Meachams.

The rest of January was spent with JB & Brenda and Jim & Ellie.  We had our Happy Hour every day at 4:00ish and that usually turned out to be dinner too since we usually had a ton of food to go along with our drinks.



One day we even got a little crazy with the chocolate and found out it goes good on EVERYTHING!


Ellie’s dogs, Bobo and Jasmine got to eat too!


It even got warm enough to have our Happy Hour outside and Jim was just chomping at the bit to have a barbecue.  We all decided to indulge him and let him do his thing.  LOL, we all had some GREAT burgers!

Mark & Dortha even stopped by for a few nights on their way to the Rio Grande Valley.


Jim’s definitely in his element


JB & Brenda left us shortly after this to head out to the Arizona desert.  We were headed to Rockport for a couple of weeks.

We ended up having a HUGE, NASTY hail storm one night in Rockport that jolted us out of bed at 4:00 in the morning.  There was nothing we could do but sit there and listen to what sounded like gun shots hitting the roof of our motorhome.  The lightning was coming so fast that it looked like a flashing strobe light.

When it was finally over we went back to sleep and figured we’d see what damage it caused in the morning.  Well, this is what damage it caused.


 It was impossible to get ahold of anybody to come out and replace the glass because it was Sunday and nobody was open.  I went online to Safelite Auto Glass and was able to schedule and appt for Tuesday right there online.  In the meantime Jim brought over some trash bags and duct tape and I did a little repair job so the next rain storm that was coming wouldn’t do any more water damage inside.


Donna & Nolan were parked next to us.  They sustained a little bit of damage to their truck from the hail.  We all spent most of the day cleaning the leaves off our rigs and checking for damages.  Jim & Ellie had a little bit of damage to their A/C on top of their motorhome but nothing happened to their car.

Nolan is sweeping all the leaves off his 5th wheel


We made a few trips over to Corpus Christi on the ferry.  We needed to get some shopping in and also needed to visit some restaurants.  One of our favorites in Corpus Christi is Landry’s.  We had a gift card to use (thanks, John & Erica!) so of course that’s where we went.  Donna & Nolan met us there.

Waiting on the ferry



We left Rockport and headed back up to San Antonio so Rod could have his follow up Dr’s appointment.  We only stayed overnight and are now traveling with Jim & Ellie out to the desert.  We are SO looking forward to some warmer temps.

See?  We really are following them out to the desert


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