Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dease Lake, British Columbia

We got the rock chip fixed on the windshield.


We then headed to the Klondike Rib & Salmon place.  When we got there they seated us and gave us the lunch menu since it was about 2:30 in the afternoon.  Well, it wasn’t lunch we were after but an early dinner.  The dinner menu didn’t come out until 4:oo.  The reason we wanted the dinner menu was because Rod wanted to try some wild game.  Yuck, not for me.  We told the girl we’d be back at 4:oo.  I guess it was worth it to Rod to wait because he ended up having musk ox stroganoff.  Yuck again.  Since we’ve been on this trip this summer he’s eaten caribou, reindeer, musk ox, and buffalo.

We strolled around downtown Whitehorse like the tourists we are


Then back to eat at 4:00.


This sign greeted us at the door but we were prepared


He doesn’t look happy about his musk ox but he was


I had the ribs which were YUMMY!  (Those onions had to go though)


The next morning we headed out and it was raining!!  Seems like we’re always traveling in the rain up here.  We were planning on going to Watson Lake but that is about 10 miles past where we wanted to turn off.  We ended up in Nugget City where there were four other rigs in the entire RV Park.  The Cassiar Highway where we were headed has been on fire recently and people haven’t been able to go down it.  It’s been really hard on people’s businesses along the way.  They have been shuttling people down the highway in groups with a pilot car until they finally got rain.


We only stayed overnight in Nugget City and then headed out in the morning for Dease Lake on the Cassiar Highway.



The road was really smokey in some parts


It’s sad to see all the burned trees but that’s nature.



We got all settled in at the RV Park in Dease Lake and had pretty much decided to only stay one night.  There is no TV or cell phone service here and the wifi is terrible.  I posted something on Facebook about staying only one night but my Canadian friends, JB & Brenda, said we HAD to take this drive out to Telegraph Creek.  They both claimed it had the best apple pie on the planet and views that were spectacular.  Okay, okay.  We ended up staying another night and drove out there today.  The lady in the office said it was worth the drive and to allow 6 hours round trip.  It’s only 112 kilometers (69 miles) out there but it still took us almost 3 hours with all the picture stops.  The rain did a number on the road and it was a muddy mess but it did eventually stop and the sun came out!  It was a beautiful drive.

The road started out pretty good.


The only wildlife we saw was this stupid grouse (not my words, but Rod’s).  Even the waitress in the restaurant said they are stupid.  LOL.  She said they don’t even get out of the road when a car is coming.  Rod said you can practically walk right up to them if you want them for a meal.


The scenery was really amazing




We finally made it to the restaurant in Telegraph Creek.


We were also told the sandwiches were pretty good


I guess they were, we had to get our pie to go


Back up out of the canyon


We had to cross a few one lane bridges.


Not much of an edge to the road.   YIKES!



That’s not blue sky but a storm we drove into coming back.


The truck was a muddy mess!


Thanks JB & Brenda for the tip.  We would have never went out there if you hadn’t told us about it.

Tomorrow we’re heading down to Stewart, BC for a few days.  We should be able to have wifi, TV and cell phone service there.  We also want to visit Hyder to see the bears and also visit Salmon glacier.


JB said...

I wouldn't want to bet on your cell service in Stewart. In fact I think you are out of coverage until you get down near Hazelton on Highway 16 but with scenery like you will have who needs a phone. Glad you liked the trip to Telegraph, I think it is pretty special, and darn few folks ever take the time to experience it.

Bob and Judy said...

Brings back memories. We made that trip in 2009 but we didn't make it all the way to the glacier. On the road up we passed a spot where a landslide of mud and rock had recently been cleared. It was mid-Sept but the rain changed to snow and as you know, the isolated conditions scared us. Didn't want to spend the winter on that mountain behind another landslide and no cell coverage so we turned around and went down.