Thursday, November 11, 2010

Still Hanging Out In Colorado

Yep, we’re still hanging out here in Fort Collins.  We do our own thing during the day and then the kids come over after work and school in the evening.  Sometimes we go over to their house but mostly they come here.  Saturdays are sleepover days and that’s always fun.

As I mentioned in my last blog JB & Brenda (click on it to read their blog) arrived today.  We were SO excited to see them.  They are our favorite Canadian couple.  Since they were arriving late in the afternoon I made sure to have a salmon dinner for them.  Brenda made a really yummy spinach & raspberry salad.

Together again…


The next day since it was going to be a beautiful day we all piled into our car and took the scenic drive on Highway 14.  This state is so beautiful that I think anywhere we drove would be a scenic drive.  We had planned on making one big loop but we stopped so many times for pictures that we would have never made it back in time.  Todd had made dinner (pulled pork) and was bringing it over so we had to be back in time.  We only made it to Walden and had to turn back after having a late lunch.



We found snow at 10,000 feet


Silly Canadian with flip flops on in the snow


Made it to Walden for our lunch stop


Lunch!!  You can guess which plate is NOT mine…


Sunday we had a “stay at the park” kind of day.  Football is on so we don’t usually go anywhere on Sunday anyway.  Brenda made a fantastic pot of taco soup with corn muffins on the side.  Man, that soup was so good but so filling that I could only eat one bowl.  I guess that's a good thing.  LOL, she also made her famous frozen peanut butter pie.

The gang (ever seen JB without a hat??)


And the other gang (Michele, Reilly, Ashton & Todd)


Monday JB & Brenda were supposed to leave but with some (A LOT) of gentle persuasion we convinced them to stay just one more day.  We really weren’t ready for them to leave yet.

We all piled into our car again and headed for the second part of where we were supposed to go on Saturday.  We were headed for Rocky Mountain National Park.  YAY, another stamp for my passport book!


We saw LOTS of wildlife along the way.




These guys were just walking through somebody’s backyard in Estes Park



HUGE herd of over 200 elk inside the park (see the “king” in the middle?)



Then we saw a much smaller herd on our way out of the park but still impressive animals


I don’t see how they walk around with that thing on top


So, we couldn’t convince JB & Brenda to stay any longer because snow was predicted for Wednesday night so on Tuesday they headed out.  We had already paid for another week here to visit with the grandkids so we figured we’d just hunker down and stay inside.

Sniff sniff, there they go…


And here we are…


And here’s our car


More snow is predicted for Saturday so we’ll be leaving here on Monday.  That’s our best bet for good weather unless we leave on Friday but we don’t want to cut our visit short.


Anonymous said...

Great blog Deb. We had such a great time with you guys and can't wait to do it again so start heading for the desert.

Take Good Care

Sue and Doug said...

great time with great friends! post!!

Shelli said...

To Brenda and JB: RUN FOREST! RUN!!! Lol!

Leno said...

Nice pictures Deb...Glad you had a nice visit. Hoping maybe we can catch up with you in San Antonio after Christmas.

Gail Durham said...

That spinach and rasberry salad and salmon sounds sooo good.