Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Up Early To Climb The “Mountain”

We had been looking at this hill close to us ever since we got here.  Apparently, the thing to do is climb to the top of it.  Don’t know why other than there is a little log book for anybody that makes it up there to sign.

We actually got an early start and were out the door by NINE O’CLOCK in the morning!!  Mike and Janna were leaving so we had to get out early.  We drove the cars to the bottom of the hill and then started the hike up to the top.

It started out easy enough


We even got to see some sheep


The little white building at the top is halfway


The top


We made it!!


So did Jim & Ellie


And so did Mike & Janna (with Emmie)


Looking back down where we left the cars at the bottom


What a beautiful view from up on top (those little dots are where we’re camped)


Then we had to eventually come back down


This cave was on the other side of the mountain but we decided since we didn’t know what was in there we weren’t going inside.  Sure didn’t want to come upon a coyote den.



Today Rod and I decided to head out to Parker Dam since neither one of us had been there before.  Parker Dam is 320 feet high, 235 feet of which are below the riverbed, making it the deepest dam in the world with only one quarter of it actually above water.  It was built between 1934 and 1938.  You can no longer walk across it but you can still drive on it.






Tomorrow we’re headed back up to Lake Havasu City for Rod’s last dentist appointment.  Our time here is getting short and we’re going to be sad to leave here but we need to start heading back to Texas by April for doctor appointments.  After that we can take off for the summer!

I will leave you with some of the gorgeous sunsets we’ve been enjoying here.



This is called a parhelion or sundog.  Pretty cool.



JB said...

Congrats on your climb, I found the hard part was coming down from up there. Just hated to leave the spectacular view and the quiet and my knees quivered thinking about the descent. Remember you are welcome here at Dogpound South on your way back east.

Janna and Mike said...

Great photos Deb!

Anonymous said...

OH WOW. Love the sunset. Weren't you afraid you'd encounter a rattlesnake on your climb? Tell Rod he looks great. Lisa

Sue and Doug said...

what a 'dam fine day'..thanks for the sharing the great hike!!

squawmama said...

Looks like you had a great day out & about!!! Good for you all making that climb! Great photos...glad you didn't go into that cave. Again it looks like a UFO in that one picture... engines a blaring. LOL LOL
Have fun & travel safe

Speedy said...

Great Sunsets! Maybe you will find me setting under one soon..