Thursday, July 14, 2011

All Done With Washington, D.C.

We spent our last few days in Washington, D.C. just kinda lazing around.  We had a fantastic three weeks here but we really needed some “down time”.  Not doing laundry, not cleaning, not cooking.  Just doing nothing.  We were going to drive up to Baltimore again for an Italian dinner but we got some really bad lightening, thunder and rain that day so we just went to an Italian restaurant right down the street.  Well, that was a mistake because the food was awful.

The next day we decided to hop on the Metro and visit the Thai Place.  That’s the place we went to with our friends from Florida when they were here and it was SO good!  It really made up for the bad Italian food.  Glad we ended our trip with a GOOD dinner!

We had an amazing time here and I’m so glad we were here for the 4th of July.  We haven’t gone out to see fireworks for years because of the crowds and trying to get out of the parking lot with so many other cars.  This was so easy because we were able to take the Metro right to the thick of things and then take the Metro home.  No traffic hassles at all.

We got to see so many museums, monuments and memorials while here too.  I think we actually saw everything we came to see.

We left on Sunday and headed to Delaware.  Just another state we’ve never been to and we wanted to explore some of it.  Well, we have found out there’s not a whole lot to explore here.  The state is so small and we explored the east coast of it in one afternoon.  LOL

AND since there is no sales tax, I may need to check into getting the new lens for my camera I’ve been looking for.


We drove down the coast looking for some little beach towns that we like so much but for the most part the beaches are private communities with no access to the beach.  Bummer.

We did find a public beach and had to pay to park.  That’s fine, I think it was a couple of quarters.  All I wanted was some pictures anyway.  The water looked gross.  Not the beautiful blue of the Pacific.  This looked more like the brown water at Corpus Christie, Texas.  At just over 90 degrees it was also PACKED with people.



We also saw the Prime Hook National Wildlife Preserve.  It’s mainly for migratory birds.  There were platforms that were built for birds to nest in but we didn’t know what kind of birds these were.  At first we thought it was an eagle because we could see it had a white head but it was so far away we couldn’t tell.  Maybe my birder friends can tell.


I posted this picture on Facebook and was told (by Molly) that it looks like an osprey.  Cool!


There is a ferry that goes from Lewes to the southern tip of New Jersey at Cape May.  We went to the ferry dock to see just how much it would cost to take the motorhome over.  At a little over $100, I think we’ll pass.





We’re here until Sunday so we’ve got a few more days to look around and then I think we’ll head up to New Jersey for a few days and then on to Philadelphia for a sister reunion.  My sister, Tina, lives in Philadelphia and my sister, Joyce, is flying in from San Diego for a week.  I have never met Tina’s kids or their spouses so this is going to be quite exciting!


squawmama said...

I am so glad you had fun in DC and I'll be asking questions next year so don't forget anything!!! Great photos!!!
Have fun & Travel safe

nwlambear said...

It was interesting reading your comments on poor little I was born there. So I totally understand...the beaches were not always like they are now. There actually was small beach towns...when my family went there. Your visit to Washington D.C. sounded great. I would love to go there and visit and we would definitely use the metro as you did. Happy travels! ~Tricia