Saturday, October 11, 2008

Still Here

Yep, we're still here at Salt Creek in Port Angeles. Still doing our camphosting duties and dodging the rain. Well, it really doesn't rain here, it just kinda "spits". It's a constant drizzle when it does rain. We were supposed to have a really bad wind storm the other night. The ranger (not Rod) went down to the lower loop and had the one and only camper move to the upper loop where there are not as many trees. They really didn't want to move until she convinced them they really didn't want a tree in their living room. Jeez, some people just don't get it. Well, we never did get that windstorm. I can't imagine what those people were thinking then, they left the next day. Our campground is really full this weekend. I sure don't know why people are still camping when it's this cold. We're down in the upper 30's and low 40's at night now and barely hitting 60 degrees during the day. BRRRRRRRRR

We had lots of visitors this week. Rod's sister Sue and her husband Rich came out to visit for the day on Tuesday and brought Rod's mom with them. They live up in the mountains near Leavenworth here in Washington and were visiting Rod's mom in Port Angeles for a few days. Sue's friend Janet also came out for a little while. The weather cooperated for most of the day and we had a really nice time with everybody. We barbecued burgers for dinner with potato salad and of course for dessert we had blackberry cobbler. I just had to make another cobbler. It got quite cold outside later and even with the campfire Rod's mom was getting pretty cold so Sue & Rich took her home. It was great to see them all. Sue and Rich will be going south to Yuma late next month to their RV Park there. Thanks for visiting you guys, it was great!

Rich, Sue, Arlene and Janet

Does she look cold???

Everybody's enjoying their blackberry cobbler

Rod, Arlene and Sue

We got the radiator fixed (brand new one) on Thursday. We had an appointment at the Ford dealer for our Sirius radio on Tuesday but on the way there the truck started overheating so we left it there overnight for them to diagnose the problem. Apparently it was something they already knew about and had a radiator in stock. So, we still haven't had the radio fixed. They said they are ordering the part on Monday so I guess we'll see. We got back to the campground just in time for Rod's daughter Kebra and her husband Dan's visit. Since they had just arrived at about the same time as us we decided to take them out for a fish and chips dinner. We owed her a birthday dinner anyway. We went to this place we knew had really good halibut and chips but they were out of halibut so we had to have cod. It was still good but I don't know what has happened to all the halibut this year. It's not even in the stores or the fish markets. We had a nice visit with them that night around the campfire but everybody was too full for S'mores.

Kebra and Dan

On Friday morning they went out for a jog around the campground and down to Crescent Beach. That was a really long and cold run but they're getting ready to do a half marathon so they're "in training". They got back to the campground about the same time Rod and I were getting up. LOL We all had breakfast and then just hung around getting caught up on everything. Rod, Kebra and Dan all went up to the place where our wood is kept and split some more wood for the campfire. Kebra and Dan then drove into Port Angeles later that afternoon and picked up Rod's mom and brought her out to have dinner with us. I baked a salmon, fixed a salad and some rice. Rod's mom brought a homemade chocolate pie for dessert. It is a favorite of all of us and is always requested when asked, "What can I bring"? AGAIN we were too full for S'mores around the campfire. We ended up having S'mores for dessert after breakfast this morning. I know, it sounds weird but they sure were good. I couldn't go outside like the rest of them did. It's just too cold for me when it's only 43 degrees. Rod brought me one and the chocolate didn't even melt because the marshmallow cooled off too quickly. Oh well, it was still really yummy! Thanks Kebra and Dan for driving all the way out here. It was really nice seeing you.

Father and daughter enjoying S'mores

I will close with some pictures I took around this area. The people here really do have a sense of humor.

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