Sunday, April 12, 2009


I see that cartoon every year and every year it makes me laugh.

We haven't been doing much this last week. We have moved a few times. Tuesday we left The Ranch and drove to Bernardo, New Mexico where we planned to stay for two days. Well, guess what?? The wind came up again so we ended up staying an extra day. We can't travel safely with 40-50 mile per hour wind gusts. So, we were at the Kiva RV Park & Horse Motel (lol, yes that's right) for 3 days. There's nothing to speak of here as far as amenities but we don't use those things anyway. We just laid low and waited for the weather to pass.

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Friday we drove a whole 120 miles northwest and ended up at the Bar S RV Park in Grants, New Mexico. There is a lot to do in this area but it's way too cold. We even got snow yesterday and last night. Good grief, isn't it spring?? I think we left Texas a month too early. We stayed in this area last year when we drove through but we stayed at the Sky City Casino RV Park. We thought it was a good deal at $25 a night. That was before we became members of Passport America. It's a discount camping membership program where you pay a yearly fee and get half price at lots of different RV Parks. The park we're in now is $12.75 a night. This being Easter weekend it's very full too. More wind was predicted today so yesterday Rod went to the office and asked if we could stay another night. No problem. Yes, AGAIN we have to stay an extra day because of the wind. At least we're in a position that we can stay if we need to. We did go to the casino last night but came home a few dollars poorer. Great dinner, though.

The train tracks are about 100 yards away and the trains come through what seems like every 10 minutes. It's actually every 30 minutes day and night. Last year the residents complained to the city about the train whistle so the city put in a new crossing gate and lights so now the trains don't blow their whistles when coming through. Actually, they have the option to blow the whistle or not and sometimes they still do. We are pretty well insulated so we don't hear it that much.

So tomorrow we're heading out again. We'll be driving west on I-40 to Gallup and then up Highway 491 through the Navajo Indian Reservation to Cortez, Colorado. Hopefully, this year we'll make it. Remember last year? We had a blowout on Mother's Day on this same highway.


Jim and Dee said...

Thanks for the post. Mom says hi and was glad to hear from you.

Debbie Goode said...

Golly, stay safe. We too have been fighting the wind and cold here in Bisbee, but at least we can enjoy the town and surroundings. I'm hoping this nasty weather pattern is ending soon.....I'm with you....Isn't it Spring!

Joe and Sherri said...

We have had the same weather just later than you. Good thinking about not traveling in this wind. No reason to take chances when you don't have to. Sherri and I are going to join Passport America this next month. I hear you can save a lot of money doing so. Have fun and stay safe.

Joe and Sherri

Randy and Terry said...

Hmmmmmm . . . those must be awfully big motel rooms to fit horses in them!! ;)

Miss you.

Karen said...

I love that cartoon, too! We had to stay an extra day in Flagstaff on our way to our job at the North Rim last week. Still had a lot of wind, though.