Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Saddleback RV Park

We've moved!! YAY!! I LOVE TRAVEL DAYS!!! Yes, after four months in Texas we're on our way out. We paid our $59 electric bill and left Buckhorn this morning at our usual "early" time of 10:15. Pretty good for us. Chuck & Kathy came by at about 9:15 to say good-bye. We sure had a good time with them for the whole month. As Rod said, "it's a good thing we liked them". Safe travels, guys, wherever you end up today. They still didn't know where they were going as they were pulling out. Too funny.

Before we left we had to make ONE more trip to Fredericksburg for sausage and I wanted to visit the Amish market to see if they had some butter and cheese. Of course they did. Want some, Brenda??

We also had to make a stop at Bill's Barbecue to load up on provisions for the next few days of travel. Boy, if we break down anywhere we'll have enough food to last for the next six months, I think.

Our site at Buckhorn

The laundry room

The windmill

The drive across the hill country was pretty uneventful and pretty boring. We stopped for a pee break and I went inside the rig and got my laptop so I could at least play Bejeweled for part of the trip. Not the Facebook one but the offline version. I guess a new game has started on Facebook and I'm not a part of it yet. Just wait people!!

The long and boring road across the Hill Country of Texas

We are now set up just east of Balmorhea, Texas at the Saddleback RV Park which only cost us $10 for the night. We were going to stay here for two days but, good grief, the wind is SOOOOO bad we may just leave tomorrow. It's too bad too cuz I really like this park. There are only a few rigs here and there is NO CONCRETE!! We have nobody on either side of us and the view out our door goes on for miles and miles. If the wind dies down we'll definitely stay for a few days. We had bbq pork and pinto beans for dinner from our Bill's stash. Sooooo YUMMY!!

Our site

Our view


Mark and Dortha said...

Safe travels...


Rod & Loyce Ivers said...

A gravel RV park is kind of a culture shock after Buckhorn,LOL.
It was good meeting you folks at the gathering!

Randy and Terry said...

Nice view!!! Wish our paths would cross as we head east and you head west! Take care.