Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Moving On

Sunday was Superbowl Sunday and we spent it at Mark & Dortha’s with a potluck dinner, of course.  We went over early because we had made plans to rent an ATV and explore some of the back country.


Mark was our designated driver because they had actually taken a tour of the area with the owner of the property.  He knew the roads to take us on.



We did see a hawk swoop down right in front of us, caught a mouse and proceeded to a nearby tree to eat it whole while it was still alive!!  We were all sitting with our mouths hanging open not quite grasping what we just saw so not one of us had a picture of it in action!!


And of course the Border Patrol presence was everywhere



Then it was back to Mark & Dortha’s for the game.  Rod and Mark barbecued some carne asada (marinated beef)and pollo asado (marinated chicken) for tacos.  Dortha made some pinto beans and everybody else brought dips, chips and all the other trimmings for the tacos.


As you can see, we never go hungry…


Can you pick the winner??


The guys were really into the game…


And before we knew it, it was all over


We said our good byes to everybody because Monday we left the valley and headed to San Antonio for three weeks for a visit with John & Erica.  We figured once we left the valley there would be no more Border Patrol.  We were wrong.  It’s nice to see they’re checking things.




We stopped for lunch at a Whataburger because it was right off the highway AND we were Whataburger virgins.  It was a pretty good burger.  We arrived in San Antonio late in the afternoon and were going to have leftover tacos and just hang out for the evening because John & Erica had already made plans.  What a surprise when John called and asked if they could come over.  YAY!!  It was so nice to see them.  We went out to Olive Garden for dinner then back to our place to visit for the evening.

We’ll be here for the next three weeks and don’t have a lot of plans to do a lot.  We’ve been here many times before but have never visited the Missions.  Since I now have a National Parks Passport and the Missions are in it I’m gonna have to go get a stamp.  There is also a Rodeo going on until the 21st and I’m thinking we may just have to experience that.  Being a “city girl” I’ve never been to one.  Don’t laugh, JB…


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

I was more amazed about the What-a-Burger. I thought everyone had been there!

The last year they had the prison rodeo at Huntsville, TX, I was there. One contestant was supposed to have been released, but he was so devoted to the rodeo, that he stayed until it was over. Now that was dedication.

I don't know if I like the calf roping, it seems cruel to me, even though it is not supposed to hurt them, it must be very scary for the poor little things.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Mark and Dortha said...

Great Blog Deb...and by the way, we miss you guys already. Can't wait until March 1.

And, I will seriously be counting points until then. LOL

Enjoy your visit with the kids and be sure to take in all the sites including the rodeo!! Now, I know for sure that Rod never took you anywhere!

JB said...

And that San Antonio rodeo is one of the good uns. Hard to get tickets though.