Sunday, February 07, 2010

Still Eating in The Valley

Yep, we’re still here in the Rio Grande Valley with our RV friends and where we’re going to eat seems to be the theme.  At least we’re only eating one big meal a day.  We mostly get together for a late lunch and then we all go home for the evening and no dinner.  Soooooo, here we go….

Last Sunday we headed out to the Flea Market.  We had just been to the Flea Market in Yuma and found all kinds of stuff so we were really just going to look.  I’m glad we went to the one in Yuma cuz it was WAY better than this one.  We still managed to find “treasures” that we just couldn’t do without.  Rod even found a nasty fried onion to share with Mark & Dortha.  YUCK



Netters had to have some of it too


I preferred the tiny little donuts!!


Tuesday we went to Gonzales’s for their famous burger.  It’s a HUGE burger that everybody was raving about.  Guy Fieri needs to come here for a Diners, Drive ins, and Dives episode.  This place is awesome!!  The owner only grinds 250 lbs of meat each day and when it’s gone it’s gone.  They stop serving for the day.  That’s all they serve too.  Just burgers.




From there we headed down to the river to see the hand drawn ferry.  This ferry just goes back and forth across the river and only holds three vehicles at a time.  Very antiquated but for some reason it’s very interesting to just stand and watch it.  They even charge you 25 cents to watch.  LOL



Wednesday we headed out to El Tio Chuy for a Mexican lunch. 

DSC_0066 Everybody that had chicken said it was so bland and we were all wishing we had ordered the steak tacos that Rod was enjoying.  His looked REALLY good.



Thursday we went to the town of Pharr for the Taste of the Valley.  What a joke that was.  It was held in the Convention Center but the room was WAY too small for the number of people that bought tickets.  The lines were really long and we all just got tired of waiting in the long lines for a little sample of food.  It was a good idea, just poorly run.

This is the line just to get in the building.  It wrapped completely around the front and down the side.


Once inside there were more long lines


We decided it just wasn’t worth it and headed to Rudy’s Barbecue for WAY better food


Friday Mark and Dortha picked us up and we headed to South Padre Island for some beach time.  The others decided not to go.  It was a gorgeous day finally and a great day for a drive.  We always have a good time no matter where we go with Mark & Dortha and all our other friends.  Of course we were headed there for lunch too.


  The first place we stopped at had yet another huge long line.  Good grief, it seems almost everywhere we’ve been there have been long lines.  We decided we didn’t want to wait so we headed out to another place.

This was the first place we went to and it was highly recommended.  Oh well, maybe some other time.


From there we headed on down the street to Blackbeard’s.  Boy, I’m glad we didn’t wait in line at Dirty Al’s because we all had some kind of seafood chef salad that was fantastic!!  Dortha and I had shrimp and scallops on ours and Mark and Rod had mahi mahi on theirs.


Here’s Rod’s salad


The causeway going over to South Padre Island


The beach was gorgeous


LOTS of guys fishing in the surf


The Port Isabel lighthouse


That brings us to yesterday and our Rio Grande River cruise.  We headed to the Riverside Club to catch the boat for a little 2 hour cruise on the river.


The Border Patrol presence was everywhere.  By air…


By boat…


And on land


People were doing a lot of fishing on the Mexican side



More pictures of the river



After our cruise you know we just had to eat!!  What we didn’t know was the restaurant was having some kind of German celebration going on.  The lunch special was pork schnitzel with all the trimmings.  AND somebody was having a 60th birthday party.  Well, it was also Arlene’s 60th birthday so we just pretended the decorations were for her.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Arlene!!!


The German dancing


Our table


Today is superbowl Sunday and we’re headed over to Mark & Dortha’s for our potluck.  We’re taking carne asada and pollo asado for tacos.  We bought it while we were staying in Needles and froze it for a special day.  Even though my Chargers aren’t playing I’ll still enjoy the game and our last day with our friends here in the valley.  Tomorrow we’re headed for San Antonio for three weeks for a visit with John & Erica.


Anonymous said...

Great blog Deb I was thinking the same thing when I was watching Diners/Driveins and Dive yesterday that they should go to that place you guys have been eating at. Have a great Super Bowl Party

See you in May

Mark and Dortha said...

Great Blog....what time do we eat?

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a great week, so much more fun when a groups together.

Really enjoy your blog!

Charlie and Peggy said...

Oh Deb,,having a mental pic of Rod in Leiderhosen!!!!!

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Great blog..."WHO DAT....SAINTS DATS WHO"!!!!! Give everyone our love...Miss y'all

Have a blessed day,
Rollie & Gina

Jenny Johnson said...

Deb -- I loved the video of the hand drawn ferry -- we need one of the gathering you guys are are having too much fun!!!!!!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

You guys sure are having fun.
Please give my best wishes to Erica and John. They are such a sweet couple.
Hugs to you two, too.
Don't forget to write!
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

squawmama said...

You guys are always having tons of fun... We'll be in San Antonio next week at Medina Lake Thousand Trail Park... Maybe we might see & meet you. Have a fun filled day & travel safe!!!