Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leavenworth and Cashmere, Washington

Saturday afternoon we took a drive to Plain to visit Rod’s sister, Sue and her husband, Rich.  They live only 15 miles north of Leavenworth but it’s a really winding road up the mountain.  They recently remodeled their “cabin” in the woods.  I don’t know what it is with people calling these gorgeous homes they have cabins.  LOL.  We had a nice visit and Rich barbecued up some delicious steaks.

The “cabin”



Sue and Rich


We headed back to our RV park to get packed up so we could move on Sunday a whole 15 miles down the road to Cashmere. The weather here has been gorgeous.


All set up at Wenatchee River County Park and YES, it’s full!!


Today we set out to visit some wineries and farmer’s markets.  There are LOTS of fruit stands here but we can’t find much in the way of vegetables.  I don’t know if their growing season is over or what.  Apples and pears are everywhere and they are just getting ready to pick as you can tell by all the boxes sitting in the orchards.

The trees are LOADED with apples


Waiting to start picking


These have pears


These have grapes


The first winery we went to was closed so we continued on down this country road to the next one.  There were signs leading us to it but when we got there it was also closed.  Hmmmm, not looking good.

We had to stop for these turkeys to cross the road


We finally found a winery that was open.  This one was really nice and when you walked in the door it was like walking into somebody’s home.  The tasting was actually in the kitchen at a big table.


First Rod had to check out the wares


Then he got to taste


The next winery we came upon was called Silvara Vineyards and was really interesting.  There was nobody there but the winemaker/owner, Gary.  He gave us some wine to taste and then brought a bottle out from under the counter.  He had just finished making it and it was supposed to sit in the bottle for a month to age but he wanted us to try it.  It was a Pinot Grigio (which I love).  He said he wasn’t able to sell it to us.  Bummer cuz it was quite tasty.  He then brought out another one for Rod which was a Merlot.  Rod really loved that one but it was another one he couldn’t sell but wanted him to try it.  Well, to make a long story short, we talked him into selling it to us.  He had to find the labels for it because they weren’t even marked.  They were also cheaper than the ones he had us try earlier.  Score!!


From there we had to go get something to eat.  We had wanted to try this Italian restaurant in Leavenworth called Visconti’s.  It was REALLY good.  Rod and I both had the linguine and clams.



Seems like everybody has quite the wine collection


We did find a few vegetables but mostly fruit


Right by the campground we’re staying at there is a Migrant Camp.  Seriously??  This is legal???  It’s a nice little area with some tiny cottages that I guess the fruit pickers live in.  What surprised me were the large tents they were using also.


The tents


Tomorrow we’re just going to take it easy and hang around the campground and get ready to move again on Thursday.  We’ll be heading to my brother’s house in Graham to visit for a few days.  We also have halibut to pick up from Rod’s daughter that we had shipped.


JB said...

Hey maybe Brenda and I can get a place in that Migrant camp.

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Looks like you finally found a winery open. And, I think your "turkeys" might be guineas.