Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moving On In The Wenatchee Valley

Yesterday we went into town to use the phone because we had no cell service at our campground.  We called Rod’s sister to set up our visit with them since they live in the area.

On our way back we decided to drive to the end of Banks Lake to visit Dry Falls.  This is an amazing area geologically speaking.  We’ve been there before but to us it’s quite an interesting place to visit.  To think that this whole area was once covered in water and is now completely dry is, well, amazing.  This was once ten times the size of Niagara Falls!!  Several times the ice dam resulted in Lake Missoula (which existed about 15,000 years ago) and then broke free and flooded this area.



This is what they think it would have looked like then


And this is what it looks like today.  Can you imagine all that water coming down over those cliffs???


The Visitor Center gives you a perspective of the size


So, today we left our AWESOME campsite and headed for Leavenworth.  The purpose of our visit is to see Rod’s sister, Sue and her husband , Rich.  They recently completely remodeled their house in the mountains and we were excited to see it (and, of course, to see them too).  Their house is 15 miles north of Leavenworth but we found most of the campgrounds full.  We ended up at a KOA which is pretty nice but very much LOTS of trees.  Luckily, they have cable TV (about 100 channels) and free wifi.

Leavenworth is a really cute little German town up in the mountains.  We’ve been here before but it was in the middle of winter when they light the huge Christmas tree in the middle of town.  No tree lighting this time, just dinner.




I had the Jaeger schnitzel (a pork cutlet smothered in mushroom gravy) and Rod had the Wiener schnitzel (a veal cutlet, breaded and fried).  That stuff that looks like corn is actually spaetzel, which is a German noodle and we also had red cabbage.  And of course we had to have German beer.


This is definitely apple country.  There is LOTS of fruit everywhere.


We decided to stay for a few more days but this campground is full so we’re moving to a county campground on Sunday about 10 miles down the road.  Big move!!  There are lots of wineries in this area and we thought it would be fun to visit them.


Karen and Al said...

Very interesting post about Dry Falls.

Anonymous said...

Well of course it will be fun to visit Wineries silly. Dry Falls looks like a very interesting place maybe one day we will see it.

Miss you guys lots