Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fourth Day in Washington, D.C.

Yesterday was another very late day for us again.  Not so much of a long day as we didn’t leave our motorhome until about 11:00.  By the time we got into the city it was lunchtime so our destination was Union Station where there is a food court.  I had roasted chicken nuggets and green beans and Rod had teriyaki chicken.  I’ve never had roasted chicken nuggets before but it ended up being roasted chicken cut into little pieces.  LOL

Right outside Union Station is the Postal Museum.  We weren’t meeting up with Pennye and her family until later because they were on one of those on/off tour buses and were doing an “express” tour of the city since they only have the weekend to see as much as they can.

Now, those of you who know Rod know that he’s a retired postal worker and LOVES museums.  He can spend an entire day in just one room reading every single thing.  You can imagine what I was thinking as we entered a POSTAL MUSEUM!!


And he’s off…




LOL, it really wasn’t that bad and we really didn’t spend ALL day in there.

They used to deliver mail directly to your door but it was taking people too long to answer so they made people have mailboxes or slots in the door


Irish Stamps


Ben Franklin, who was the first Postmaster General


This building used to be used as the post office.  It’s still in the same building, just on the other side now


Postal Inspectors (by the way, if you click on any picture it is larger and easier to read)



Mailboxes from around the world


From there we headed over to the Museum of Natural History.  This is another HUGE museum!  It has four floors and several galleries on each floor.

Dinosaur Exhibit



History of Man Exhibit



Wild Animal Exhibit




Gems and Minerals Exhibit

This quartz is about four feet tall


One of the largest sheets of copper ever found was in Michigan






Pennye texted me when we were about halfway through the gems and minerals gallery so we met them all out front and headed out for dinner.  The good thing about us being here for so long is that we can go back to any of these museums and as I said before, they’re all free!!

Off to dinner we went and then caught the Metro home.  Yesterday the Metro was SO packed with people sometimes we didn’t even get to sit down.  We didn’t get home until 11:30 last night so we’re taking it really slow this morning.  We’re meeting up again somewhere in town with Pennye and her family for their last day here.


JB said...

Sounds like a great place and I am enjoying touring the museums with all y'all.

Sandra said...

You're having such a great time in your Capital City! Nice to meet up with friends too!

squawmama said...

Another busy and exciting day for you guys... Sounds like fun!!! How long are you there for???
Have fun & Travel safe

ps....I started a new blog to review RV Parks we have stayed at. I only have a few right now but want to add the many that we have stayed in over the 7 years of fulltiming... Now I will have two to maintain!!! LOL LOL
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