Friday, March 21, 2008

Markham Park, Sunrise, FL

I warned you this was going to be a really LONG update. We finally made it back to the old neighborhood. We wanted to come back here for a few different reasons. One, of course, was to see our friends and two, to show our friends what we're living in now. We'll be here for a few weeks and then high tail it to Texas to see John.

Before we got here we stayed at Franklin D Roosevelt State Park in Pine Mountain, GA. I think we have a NEW favorite state park. Actually, we have enjoyed ALL the Georgia State Parks that we've visited. This one was obviously named after the former President. What I didn't know is how much he loved Georgia. He even built a little White House here while he enjoyed the hot springs. He could actually stand in the four feet of water in the hot pools here. He had heard that people were being cured of their polio by swimming in the hot water so he thought he'd give it a try. It didn't work but he still enjoyed the freedom the water gave him. One time while he was visiting the Little White House he decided to have his portrait painted. While he was sitting for his portrait he suffered a massive stroke and died. The lady who was painting the portrait decided to leave it unfinished.

The Little White House

The unfinished portrait

Click on this picture and read it, it's very interesting

Another place we visited there was the butterfly house at Callaway Gardens. This place was amazing. Callaway Gardens is a huge resort out in the middle of nowhere. It has lakes, hiking trails, boat rentals, fishing, lodging, a huge visitor center and museum and of course, the butterfly house. I had read on the internet about the butterflies and knew that they keep the building at a constant temp of 85 degrees. Yahoo!!!! At least I was able to enjoy some warm temps if at least for a short time. We stayed in there for a looooong time. The butterflies fly freely throughout. You have to be careful because they sit on paths sometimes.

Inside the butterfly house

Isn't this cool?

Another one

After FDR we headed south and almost made it out of Georgia. We ended up staying at a KOA in Valdosta. We've been having trouble with our front jacks on the RV so we were looking at a RV repair place there. Neither one of the places there were any help so we moved on down the road and finally made it to Florida!! We ended up at another KOA (well, it USED to be a KOA) and stayed for two days. It was only a half hour from my cousin and her husband in New Port Richey so it ended up being a great place to stop. From there we moved a little further south to Tampa Bay East The Oaks in Dover, FL. It was still close enough for my cousin to come and visit but this place was a LOT better than the last place. We weren't really in a spot at the other place. We were kinda sitting on one of their roads next to a fence that had water and electric hookups. Weird.

We checked on a RV dealer there by the RV park. They were able to get us in and diagnosed our problem. It's being covered by our extended warranty but it's going to be a few weeks before the part comes in so that's why we left there. Now we're in Sunrise, FL at a county park only a few miles from our old neighborhood. This park is gorgeous. They have a shooting range, a dog park, remote control airplane field. Pretty nice for a county park. We're backed up to a canal and watch jet skis and speedboats go up and down. It's pretty cool. It's only $25 a night because our driver's licenses still have our old address on them so according to them we're still Broward County residents. We don't plan on doing a whole lot while we're here. Just visiting with friends for a few weeks then back to Tampa to get the jacks fixed. Tonight we're having friends over for dinner and a campfire. Should be a very nice evening.

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