Friday, March 28, 2008

Still in Sunrise, FL

Wow, I can't believe our time here is almost over!!! We've been doing a WHOLE lot of visiting with old friends and neighbors. What a blast we've had. I think I'm done eating burgers for awhile though. It's going to be hard leaving here because we're not sure when we'll be back. The last time we left here we knew we'd be back in a few months. This time it'll be a few years. We ARE anxious to see John and Erica though and after that Ashton and Reilly (and their parents Michele and Todd, of course).

I've started this I don't know how many times now. I just can't seem to get into writing when I don't have really anything to write about. We've had our friends and neighbors over here for dinner or lunch almost everyday so I certainly wasn't going to take time away from them to write.

Tomorrow we'll be on the road again. We're stopping overnight in Tampa to get the front jacks fixed and then from there we're going to do something we haven't done since we became fulltimers. We're going to be overnighting at all our stops until we get to Texas. Well, except for Pensacola where we'll probably have to spend two nights. We need to change our address in order to vote and we have to do it at the Court House because we can't use our mail forwarding address as an official address.

Here's a few pictures of our visitors for the last two weeks...

Alan, Gabriella, Shane, Leska and Jessika

Dave practicing his swing

Our bbq with our old neighbors Andy, Bernice, Dave and Pennye

Christel, Lilliam, Elaine, me and Tom

Our site at Markham Park

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