Friday, April 18, 2008

Austin, TX

Well, Rod made his stir-fry on Wednesday for John and Erica. It was really yummy. I had to make the rice cuz about the ONLY thing he knows how to make is stir-fry. LOL It's been so long since he's made it that he kept asking what order he was supposed to cook the veggies. I forgot to take a picture of the finished product and also forgot to take any pictures of John and Erica but here's a picture before it hit the pan (we didn't keep the wok from our house).

Yesterday we decided to get out and about. First stop was Camping World in New Braunfels. We picked up a new chair, wheel chocks, water regulator, marker light (it fell off somewhere), step covers, tablecloth clips.

After that we made a stop up the road a little further at Walmart. Man, it's like Starbucks in Seattle with the Walmarts. They're on just about every corner here in Texas. We needed to pick up a new weather station. One of ours got crushed by a slide (oops) and the other one just stopped working.

After that we stopped at AAA to pick up all the maps for our trip west. We have a Garmin GPS but I still like looking at a map. We got all the tour books and camp books too.

From there we kept north on I35 to Austin where we were looking for the Congress Street bridge. That's where the bats hang out until sundown. Since it was only 5:30 when we got there we decided to go to TGIFridays. It's in the Radisson Hotel right on the river and right next to the bridge. Since it was so early there was hardly anybody there. We got a seat right next to the window and thought it would be a really good place to see the bats. Well, we SHOULD have sat out on the patio because that's where this big family sat right in front of us. We knew as soon as the bats came out they'd be standing up. We finished our drinks and appetizers and left. There were stairs right outside the restaurant that went down to the riverbank. When we got close to the bridge you could really hear the bats squealing. It was pretty awesome but not nearly as awesome as when they finally came out. Oh my gosh, there were literally MILLIONS of them. Well, actually according to their website (yes, they have a website) there are 1.5 million. I think it's up there with some of the most amazing sites I've ever seen. The pictures I took don't do it justice. Just enough to give my son-in-law Todd the heebie jeebies. You really need to click on the pictures to see them.

Look at how many there are!! All the way down the bridge!!

Click on this one and you can really tell it's a bat!

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