Sunday, April 06, 2008

Still on the Road (Just an Update)

We left Sunrise on April 1st and arrived in Tampa for our RV appointment at 9:00am the next day. On our way to Tampa we noticed the A/C in the truck wasn't getting very cold. Great, one more thing to take care of. We knew we had to get it taken care of before we began our trek to Texas. It was gonna be way too hot to be travelling without A/C. Fortunately there was a Fort dealer right across the freeway from the RV dealership. After they finished with the front jacks we unhitched, left the rig there and headed over to the Ford dealer. They didn't finish with the truck until 4:30 so we called the campground and made a reservation for another night.

We left the next morning on the 3rd (Happy Bday, John) and drove all the way to just past Tallahassee. Nothing eventful there either.

On the 4th we were just past Pensacola. Nothing there either.

On the 5th we were in Biloxi, Mississippi. We found out the campground had a shuttle to the casinos so we went there and had the crab buffet at Boomtown. Boy was that yummy. I can eat A LOT of crab.

Today we are in Lafayette, Louisiana and are headed for Houston, Texas tomorrow. Should be an easy drive. We have reservations for a whole long month in San Antonio on the 8th. It's gonna be so good to just sit for awhile and visit with John and Erica especially after all the travelling we've done this week!

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