Tuesday, April 15, 2008

San Antonio, TX

YAY!! Finally made it to San Antonio.!!!

I know, I know, it's been awhile AGAIN since I've posted a new entry. It's hard when you're just sitting around doing nothing to find something to write about.

We did have a visitor the other day. There's a RV chatroom I've been going to occasionally for about a year and a half now. I knew there was a lady that lived close to Houston so knowing that we were going to be passing through there I thought it would be cool to meet up with her. Her name in the chatroom is LakeConroePenny. Well, come to find out she lives north of Lake Conroe which is way north of Houston. That wasn't gonna work out so she wanted to know where we were staying in San Antonio and made arrangements to come to us! She drove her Class B van and parked in a space right across from us. Too cool! We had a really nice visit over dinner with Penny, Rod, my son John and daughter-in-law Erica. No pictures of John and Erica yet (she resists having her picture taken) but I'll get one before we leave here. They are coming again for dinner tomorrow night for Rod's famous stir-fry. Here's a picture of Penny and I but please keep in mind I woke up only a few minutes before Rod took this picture. :)

Rod took this picture of a roadrunner who is a resident of the RV park here. She's up towards the top in the center. She has a nest in another part of the park but he caught her up in the tree with a mouse in her mouth. She was waiting for us to leave so she could come down so we left her alone.

Here's a couple of pictures of our site. Every site here has a little covered patio and yes, that's Rod washing the 5th wheel AGAIN. It got really dirty being on the road everyday since we left Sunrise. They charged us $5 so we could wash the truck and $15 to wash the 5th wheel. I guess it's to pay for the water use.

We're going to visit some other RV parks around this area a little closer to John and Erica for next winter. It does get cold here but doesn't last long. We're going to look at Boerne (pronounced like Bernie) and Fredericksburg. Rod just wants to go to Fredericksburg for some German food. We are also planning on visiting Natural Bridge Cave and possibly going to Austin to see the thousands of bats under this bridge that come out every day at sundown (sorry Todd).


Anonymous said...

Very Cool!
Love that patio covering. Great Idea!
Rod...looking good in the red shirt..um..our RV needs a wash too..swing by will ya LOL


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Oh, Rod, I think you had better scout the area in the Boerne and Blanco area in your truck first. I had to really push down on the 351cc in the Ford to get up some of the curvy hilly roads in that area. It is lovely there, but I don't know if I would want to tow a 5er up those winding hills, or down the other side.
It was so great to meet you two great folks. Thank you. LakeConroePenny.