Friday, November 21, 2008

San Antonio, Texas

First I have to do an update on Laughlin. Here's a picture of my Sissy's winning ticket. She told me to make sure everybody knows that's Rick's big ole fat finger and not hers that is holding the ticket. LOL You guys, that ticket was from a PENNY Machine!!!

Well, we made it to San Antonio!! Yay! It'll be so good to sit for awhile. After leaving Tucson we travelled all the way across Arizona and New Mexico and found ourselves in Anthony, Texas which is right on the border as you cross into Texas. In fact, we got off the freeway at exit 2. We had seen billboards along I-10 for a RV dealer that was also a Camping World and had a RV Park. Cool. We pulled in and they had plenty of sites available at $24.95 a night. That's a nickel under budget! It was basically a gravel parking lot but hey, it was only for one night. It was nice and warm during the day but man was it chilly once the sun went down. We even had to drag out the electric heater.

Gigantic cactus in the campground

Yep, back in New Mexico, just passing through

YIKES!!! At a rest stop in New Mexico! What kind of pets do they have back there?

We got an early start (for us) leaving at a little before 9:00. I thought the time changed as soon as we crossed into Texas but it didn't. We didn't enter the Central Time Zone until later that day so I changed the clock in the truck and also changed my watch. It was a pretty boring drive but then again, what part of Texas ISN'T a boring drive? I know I'm gonna piss off all the Texas people with that comment but, come on, it really is boring driving all the way across Texas on I-10.

We were going to stop here anyway but look what the sign said!!! It was barbecue and it really was FREE!!

We stopped at a truck stop in Ozona for fuel and saw a RV Park right across the street. Since it was getting dark we decided to go see how much it was to camp there. We could see the park was only about half full so we knew we'd be able to stay. The rate was only $18 a night if we paid cash! It looked like it used to be a KOA because of the tepee shaped buildings but they were no longer associated with them. I'm sure if they were we wouldn't be paying $18 a night. We didn't even unhook the truck from the 5th wheel because the truck stop had a restaurant and the guy in the office told us to show them our receipt and we could get 10% off on our meal. I had a couple of tostadas and Rod had a couple of burritos which he couldn't even finish. Very good food.

I set the alarm for 8:00 just to make sure we'd be up and on the road by a decent hour. Well, I guess I didn't set the clock for the right time. Don't know how that happened but we were actually an hour behind. Jeez, we've crossed too many time zones in the last few weeks. So, we didn't end up leaving until a little after 10:00. Oh well, we didn't have that far to go. Only 200 and some miles. Short day for us.

We arrived at Braunig Lake RV Resort at about 3:00. We had reserved a site here last year when we were in the San Antonio area in April/May. We scouted a lot of RV parks to find one that we liked and was close to John and Erica and was affordable. We picked a spot with a nice view of the lake and asked if they needed a deposit. "No, no deposit necessary", they said. Soooooo, we got here and lo and behold there was somebody in the spot that we had reserved and had been there for quite some time. Hmmmmmm, well that's just not right. Actually, there were no spots open with a view of the lake. We had no choice but to take another spot in the second row way at the end with a view of the hotel and it's parking lot. Bummer. They did offer to take $60 off the monthly rate which helps but still left a bad taste in our mouths. We're going to look around some more for another place to spend the rest of the winter. What they did is just not right. Apparently reserving a site here doesn't mean anything and I certainly don't think we should pay the same rate to look at a hotel parking lot as the people who have a beautiful view of the lake.

View out the front

View out the back


Leno said...

Hey Deb,
That is such a bummer about your campsite. I would look around also if I were you.
I hope you make it on chat tonight because we may be heading your way on Sunday. Hope we can meet up..

Anonymous said...

Aunt Sissy,

HA HA - I always wonder how he manages to type on a laptop keyboard with those giant fingers of his...

I think that it is funny that I found out about the Vegas/Laughlin switch-a-roo on your blog rather than from my own PARENTS!!! I swear it's like I'm checking up on them through you guys :)



Debbie and Rod said...


You know you can always find out where we are AND where your parents are through us. LOL

Aunt Debbie