Monday, November 17, 2008

Tucson, Arizona

First we had to leave Nevada

We got up this morning at 6:30am (GOOD LORD!!!) and were on the road by a little after 8:00. Laughlin is on the Colorado River at the southern tip of Nevada right across from Bullhead City, Arizona so as soon as we crossed the river we were back on mountain time so it was 9:00 and we lost an hour. Bummer. We had such a good time there even though we didn't win anything. We stayed at the Riverside Casino and RV Park. They had a shuttle that picked us up right at our site and dropped us off at the sky bridge which went right into the casino. We paid $138 for 5 days. Joyce and Rick were at Harrah's which is at the other end of the strip but we spent almost all day and most of the evenings with them at various casinos. Joyce was the big winner at the Aquarius to the tune of $1200!!! Lucky her. She plans on visiting her daughter and family in Georgia for Christmas with her winnings. I'm so happy for her!

Joyce and Rick

Me and my Sissy. Man, that's a bad picture of me

We need to be in San Antonio by Thursday so we need to travel some long, long days to get there. We were supposed to be there on the 15th but we wanted to spend some time with Joyce and Rick in Laughlin so I called and changed our reservations. Normally we wouldn't make reservations so far in advance but with the "winter Texans" places fill up pretty fast. We're looking forward to spending time with John and Erica for awhile.

We had a really up and down drive today through some more mountains. We get such bad gas mileage on these kind of days but luckily diesel prices are way down. We're paying less now than we did when we bought the truck back in October 2007. Today we paid $2.35 a gallon. I know it's probably going to start going back up but for now we'll enjoy those prices.

So tonight we're at the Crazy Horse Campground just east of Tucson. We'll be getting up early again tomorrow to travel another three hundred and some miles. Not sure yet exactly where we're going to end up but hopefully we'll still be in New Mexico so we won't lose another hour until we cross into Texas the next day.

Having been born and raised on the west coast I really have missed the desert. Look at these gorgeous Saguaros

And the Joshua trees

So until next time, somewhere down the road.......


Al V said...

Hi guys. Been reading your journal for quite some time and enjoying. We are from NM but currently in New Braunfels Tx for part of the winter. Safe travels for you to San Antonio. Weather has been sensational!
Be blessed
Al Viscardi

JB said...

Ahhh, who worries about time changes. Nowhere to be on time and the Walmart are open 24/7 so what does it matter what time it is. Safe travels.


Joe and Sherri said...

Travel safe...Sherri and I will be sending good vibes your way. It has cooled off here in Texas some so you must be pushing the cool temps this way...LOL

Joe and Sherri