Monday, November 24, 2008

Errands and Company

Yesterday we decided to go out and run some errands. Rod needed a haircut (badly), we needed groceries and fuel. What in the world were we thinking??? It was SATURDAY!!! Everybody and his brother along with their 10 or so kids was out shopping. First, we found a barber shop for Rod. While I was waiting a lady came in selling huge bags of oranges for $6 each so of course I had to buy one. They were very thin skin oranges which are perfect for fresh squeezed orange juice. After we finished there we went to Sam's Club. We didn't buy all that much but man was it ever crowded. We got our stuff and left for the grocery store. That was even more crowded. I got a call from John who said he and Erica were coming to see us. I gave him the directions and left the store without even completing my list. There was just way too many people (and kids) and I had the excuse that John and Erica were on their way. Erica also informed us that we're invited for Thanksgiving. That's really nice but John was supposed to tell us awhile ago and I bought a lot of stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. Oh well, we do love turkey and we can cook it some other day. It'll be nice to have dinner with them anyway. We did have dinner with them last night. They were taking us to dinner to celebrate Rod's birthday (back in November) and his favorite barbecue place in San Antonio is Tom's Ribs. So off we went to Tom's. We got there and it was closed. WHAT??? How can Tom's be closed??? Sure enough there was a note on the door that said, CLOSED THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE. Wow, too bad. They do have another one but it's pretty far from where we were. So we decided to go to Rudy's which would have been our second choice anyway. Actually, I think I liked Rudy's even better. We even bought a pound of smoked turkey to take home.

That's one BIG bag of oranges

YUM!! Fresh squeezed juice for breakfast

Today we planned on just staying put and watching football all day. We were waiting for one of my RV Chatroom friends Arlene and Kevin (leno) to arrive. They were on their way to Vegas and were going to stay in this park for the night. I got an email from Arlene at about 11:30 this morning telling me they were on the way when they had a blowout on one of their trailer tires 127 miles away from us. They had contacted AAA and were going to be rescued but AAA was 70 miles away so all they could do was wait. They finally arrived about 5:00, I think. We had no plans for dinner so I decided to make a pot of beef stew so they wouldn't have to worry about dinner when they got here. We had a really nice visit and we're so glad they made it. Tomorrow morning they'll be leaving early to go find a new tire and then continue their trip. Thank you so much you guys for stopping by.

Arlene and Kevin

Tomorrow we'll probably finish at the grocery store, go to Home Depot or Lowes and then do some laundry. It's way overdue.

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Leno said...

Once again, it was great, thank you both. Kevin wants the recipe for your beef stew, he likes yours better than mine, lol...