Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I've really been complaining about the cold for the last few months but I have friends and family that REALLY have it cold. We're having temps in the forties for the most part but they're having some temps below zero or near zero with the wind chill factor. BRRRRRRR I thought I'd share some pictures:

George & Jolene's house in Graham, Washington. This was the backyard we stayed in for a few days back in Sept

Bruce & Marvina's front yard in Auburn, Washington

Bruce is digging Marvina's car out (LMAO!)

My brother Art is working in Vail, Colorado and will be there until July sometime. These are pictures from his deck

Another picture of Vail

Here's my friend Jenny shoveling her way out in Spokane, Washington

My friend Janet's yard in Port Angeles, Washington

Soooooo, I'll stop sniveling about the cold, although, COLD IS COLD! It's supposed to warm up here starting today. It's 49 right now but is supposed to get up to 66 later today and then 70's for the rest of the week. Enjoy your snow, guys!

Ashton started school this year so I just had to include his first school picture. Sure does look different than the pictures they took when I was in school.....


Leno said...

I'm not liking the cold either. Our family in Massachusetts are sending their pictures our way and although it is pretty, sure glad not to have to shovel that stuff.
Some days don't you long for Florida?

Karen said...

We though it would be warm in Phoenix, but it has been cold here, too. No snow, but like you said, cold is cold. I want my money back! hahaha