Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Visitors

We had some more visitors on Sunday. It's so nice to meet people that we've been corresponding with for so long. Jesse and Ginger stopped here for a few days on their way to the Rio Grande Valley where they'll be staying for a few months. They came over to see us and we made plans to get together for dinner on Monday. We took them to a place that has become one of our favorites, authentic barbecue. It's served on butcher paper and put in a plastic box to carry to your table. It's not the typical place where you can order a "combination plate." If you want brisket you tell them you want a half pound or if you want ribs you tell them whether you want a half rack or a full rack and then you order your sides to go with it. It also comes with that white bread that the southerners seem to like. I can't get into that part. Anyway, we really love that place. I've got to get some bbq sauce before we leave here.

Ginger & Jesse

Rod's showing Ginger how it's done

After we were sufficiently stuffed we headed for the Riverwalk. We found a parking lot pretty quickly so didn't have to navigate the downtown area in the "big butt" truck. They had already been there during the day but wanted to see it lit up at night. It's so pretty at Christmas time with all the trees lit up. We ended up dragging them up and down the entire river, I think. After all that walking the guys decided they just HAD to have some ice cream. The ice cream place was packed and only one girl working. She never lost her cool and just waited on people one at a time.

Yummy! Ice cream!

My little camera doesn't do justice to the beauty of the Riverwalk but you get the idea

The Alamo

The tree in front of the Alamo

We had a really nice evening with Jesse and Ginger and dropped them off at their site at about 10:00. We're sorry to see them leave but we'll be getting together again in March when we're in Kerrville. Thanks, you guys, for spending some time with us here. Glad you made it safely down to the RGV.


Mark and Dortha said...

Isn't it fun to get to finally catch up with those we have been talking to for so long. I can hardly wait to add you guys to our list!


Debbie and Rod said...

Thanks Dortha, we feel the same. Can't wait to meet you in Rockport.

Debbie & Rod