Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sneaky, Sneaky, Sneaky

I’ll explain the title later.  It’s been so long since I’ve updated my blog I have to think about where we’ve been.

We went to one of Phyllis’s friend’s house for their weekly Bloody Mary Sunday.  Everybody brings a breakfast item and their own Bloody Mary fixings.  There was LOTS of vodka at the bar…


Jalapeno poppers for breakfast appetizers


Patty, a friend from high school (who now lives in Yuma) came to visit


We spent our last day in Yuma with Rod’s sister, Sue and her husband, Rich.  I did a few loads of laundry at their place then we headed out to the Yuma Territorial Prison.  I went there as a child but it still pretty much looked exactly the same.



Did you see Rod in there, Sue??


They wouldn’t keep him though


Rich got tired of waiting for us


We ended the evening with dinner at Mimi’s, then said our good-byes till we see each other again


We drove across Arizona to Apache Junction to spend a few days with my mom.  She took us to dinner at the Arizona Opry.  This is a dinner show that is put on by the Barleen Family.  She assured us that it wasn’t ALL country music because she knows we don’t listen to that.


The next night we went to Organ Stop Pizza to watch this guy play a gigantic organ.  The pizza was really good too.


He was even able to activate instruments on the ceiling


The next day look what we found for lunch!!!


We left Mom’s house and headed to Discount Tire to have one of our tires checked for a slow leak.  They found a piece of splintered wood in it so patched it up and sent us on our way.  We sometimes use boards to level one side of our rig if our spot is a little unlevel but we accidentally left them at Phyllis’s place.  I guess she can keep them.  LOL


We headed out across the Arizona desert (which I just love) and were supposed to be going to John’s house in San Antonio.  We had been talking to some friends of ours since we were in Needles and they kept harassing us to come down to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.  There are a lot of our friends there and we decided it would be fun to go see them but we thought it would be even more fun to not let them know we were coming and to just surprise them with a visit.  We had been giving them every lame excuse as to why we couldn’t go and the whole time we KNEW we were.  So, that explains the title of the post.

Driving across the Arizona desert


We went through at least two Border Patrol Inspection Stations every single day



Finally made it to Texas!!!


We left I-10 and headed south on US 83 all the way down to Mission, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley but first had to go through MORE inspections


We got to our RV park where Gregg & Lynette (Mac & Netters) and Donna & Nolan were staying.  As we drove in the gate we saw where Mac & Netter’s 5th wheel was but nobody was outside.  As we pulled up to the office there in big letters was “Kendall #48”.  Amazingly, nobody saw it!!  We drove to our site and got set up.  I had been chatting with everybody the night before in our RV chat room and knew that everybody was getting together at Mac & Netters for happy hour at 4:30 so we were going to just show up and surprise everybody.  Well, after Rod got done with his outside stuff he came inside and said, “I can’t stand it.  Let’s go for a walk”.  I knew he wouldn’t last till 4:30.  Boy were they surprised to see us!!  I wish I had thought to bring my camera to capture the looks on people’s faces.  I think Donnas' was the best!!  She walked in Mac & Netter’s 5th wheel and her jaw dropped to the floor.  Mark & Dortha saw Rod walking down the street as he was coming back from getting something in our rig.  Dortha thought it looked like Rod but her brain wasn’t registering it.  When she finally realized it was indeed Rod she was pleasantly surprised as well.  Chuck and Kathy came later and Rod asked her a question and she answered without realizing she was talking to Rod.  Again, another jaw dropper.  So, we had a nice visit with everybody and even met some new friends, Gale & Anna from the chat room that showed up later.

So now that we’re all together again, it’s time to EAT!!!





Today we’re going back over to Mark & Dortha’s to finish up the food we didn’t yesterday.  Yes, we really left food uneaten.

We’ll be spending a couple of weeks here and then head up to San Antonio to visit John & Erica.  I know John is chomping at the bit and we can’t wait to see them too!!


Shelli said...

How fun!

Mark and Dortha said...

And, surprised we all were, but we are sooooooo glad they are here!

Jim and Dee said...

Now that's quite a surprise! I'm so glad you're altogether, even though I'm quite jealous. See you soon!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Oh! How lovely that you dropped in and surprised the chatters. I sure wish you could have taken a picture of their surprised faces!
Y'all have fun, now. Penny, TX