Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just For You, Mark Hall


My friend, Mark Hall has been giving me a bad time about updating my blog this week.  Well, to be perfectly honest there hasn’t been a whole lot going on except shopping and eating.

The first day we were here we showed up at the potluck Mac & Netters were having.  The next day we set out to do some shopping and have lunch.


Dortha did the salad bar


The next day was appetizer day at Mark & Dortha’s.  Now, when we do appetizers it’s really a meal.


After all that food we decided to bring the leftovers to our “house” the next night to finish it up.


I can’t really remember all the places we’ve been for dinner or lunch.  I know one of those was Sam’s Club for our $1.50 hotdog lunch (which is now $1.70).  We also went to Rudy’s for barbecue but I didn’t take any pictures there.  There was also Dairy Queen for dessert.


That brings us to last night and our baked potato potluck.  I went online to find out how Olive Garden makes their salad because I had bought a bottle of their dressing when we were in Yuma.  I wanted to replicate the exact salad that they serve in the restaurant right down to the type of lettuce.  It ended up tasting exactly the same.

Our hosts, Lynette


And Mac


The potato bar


And guess who cleaned up afterwards!!


So that gets you all caught up on what we’ve been doing down here in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.  Today we’re headed out to the Flea Market to find more stuff we absolutely can’t do without.


Mark and Dortha said...

Great Blog...Mark says thanks for updating and letting him know what has been going on!

FabGrandma said...

We always tell people we are eating our way across America. Seems like that's all we do some days. Oh well, ya gotta eat, right?

Randy and Terry said...

Such a flattering picture of Mark! HA! Just doing what we RVers do best.