Friday, January 08, 2010

Yuma, Arizona

Tuesday we finally (and reluctantly) left our cozy little campsite in Needles and headed out to Yuma.  We had heard the weather in Yuma is fantastic in the winter and we were in no hurry to head to Texas yet.  It’s been VERY cold at John & Erica’s house.  We also hadn’t seen Rod’s sister, Sue since we left Port Angeles and she and her husband winter in Yuma.  We weren’t sure where we were going to stay but after talking to our friend Phyllis who also winters in Yuma we decided to head for her place.  She has a friend who owns the double lot right next door to her so that’s where we’re parked now.

Headed out through the desert


Across the Colorado River


And back into Arizona


We even drove through Quartzite which is a HUGE RVer’s paradise.  Some people camp out in the desert here with no hookups called “boondocking”.  Not something we would do for more than a day or two but some of these people do it for weeks or months at a time.  Every winter people come by the thousands to check this place out.



Phyllis and Bob came out to meet us and direct us where to go


We had a nice visit with Bob & Phyllis over Happy Hour at their motorhome and then went and had some dinner.  We made plans for Wednesday to see some of Yuma and run some errands.  Since they don’t get up early either (we like that!) we made plans to go to lunch.  We went to Old Town Yuma to this cute little place that says it’s a Casino but it is no longer.  LOL  It had pictures and antiques ALL over the walls.  There really wasn’t any room for anything else and you could probably sit there for a week and not see all of it.  Lunch was burgers and fries which was just an okay burger but the atmosphere and the company was FANTASTIC!!




From there we headed to where else?  The Casino!!  None of us had a withdrawal, just left a small deposit


From there we went to check out a Miniature Golf place.  We weren’t going to play, Phyllis just wanted us to see the little town they had constructed there.  It was really cute.



We ended the evening with a campfire in Bob & Phyllis’s back yard.  What a great day!!


Yesterday we met up with Rod’s sister, Sue and her husband, Rich at their brand new park model.  They used to tow a 5th wheel down here from Washington state every year.  Then they decided to leave their 5th wheel here and just use their car to come down.  After several years living for 4 months in their 5th wheel they decided to buy a park model.  It’s much bigger than their 5th wheel and they’re very happy with it.  It’s very nice.  We met them for lunch and a trip to the HUGE swap meet.  Oh my gosh, we got LOTS of “treasures” .


We went back to Sue and Rich’s for Happy Hour (see a pattern here?) before going to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse which is one of our favorite places to get a good steak.



Today I am going to lunch with some of Phyllis’s friends.  It’s just a “girls day” so Rod and Bob will have to amuse themselves.  Tonight is “pizza night”.  Every Friday somebody has pizza at their place and tonight it’s at Mike & Betty’s who we met the first night we were here.  Should be another great day.


roamingwhenwecan said...

Hmmm, I am seeing a deinate pattern Deb!! Have fun. Sounds like you already are.. Hugs to Phyllis and Bob. (oh and you and Rod too)

Jim and Dee said...

Thanks for the post, looks like you're having a blast! I love that area out there, just so plain, no trees like here. Stay warm and blow that heat to us. We're freezing, literally.

Charlie and Peggy said...

Great Pic of the Yuma Queen and Bob!! Wish I was there! and Love those TX Roadhouse Steaks also!

Charlie and Peggy said...

Great Pic of the Yuma Queen and Bob!! Love those Tx Roadhouse steaks also!!

Joe and Sherri said...

Boy would we love to be in Yuma or anywhere else in Arizona. I hope we can go next winter.

Happytrails said...

What a neat area! Sounds like you have settled in and are having lots of fun. Hope you find the warm weather.....we haven't. LOL

Safe travels!

Ellie and Jim said...

Soooooo glad you guys are warm, safe, and having a blast....Your pattern sounds suspiciously like ours....:)....Hugs