Monday, March 22, 2010

Back To The Seashore

John and Erica left San Antonio early yesterday morning and drove three hours down here to Rockport for a visit with us.  John had never been to this area before so we took them for the short ferry ride over to Port Aransas.  We had lunch at the Port Aransas Brewery where we had heard they had great burgers.  They had about eight beers that they brew there but also had over 100 beers on their menu to choose from.  They also offer 4 beers for $10 that you can purchase to go.  We had our burgers then we each chose our 4 beers (except Erica) and continued on our way.



Great burger!


Our beer choices


Erica and John


From there we drove out to the Padre Island National Seashore.  We had just been there Friday but we chose not to drive on the beach this time since we were in John’s Camry.  The beach was still quite windy and we saw LOTS of dead jelly fish.  I’ve never seen so many dead jelly fish on the beach before.  And they were HUGE!!





John & Erica booked a hotel room here at the RV park where we’re staying so we came back to our home and they stayed till almost midnight with all of us playing Farmville on Facebook.

The next morning they came over for breakfast and we took off to see some of the sites here in Rockport.  First stop was the Aquarium.  We’ve been to a lot of aquariums but this one has to be the smallest one by far.  We’re still glad we got to see it though and it took us a whole half hour to see it and the admission was FREE!!


This is the WHOLE aquarium




From there we went to the area where we had seen some whooping cranes way off in the distance.  They were so far away there was no way we going to get any kind of pictures of them.  Well, today we found four of them right on the shore!  I’m not a birding person by any stretch but these birds are very important to this part of the country and are really quite hard to see close up.  We were amazed at how close they were this time.




Before John & Erica headed home we went in search of some seafood that John desperately wanted.  We drove in separate vehicles to Aransas Pass since that was on the way home for them but found everything is closed on Mondays.  Bummer.  We ended up at Chili’s instead and said our good-byes after a nice dinner.  We’ll see them again for a few weeks when we leave here on the 1st of April.  Thanks, you guys, for coming to visit!!


squawmama said...

Looks like a really fun day... The pictures were great! Hamburger looked so delish and that seahorse was really cute. Have fun and travel safe...

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Lunch looked great-- never heard of Banana Bread beer.
And those jelly fish look big!
We need to put Padre Island on our list...
Nice post!

Shelli said...

That aquarium looks about the same size as ours here but at least ours is set up better. Its dark and has all the different exhibits set up real nice so it doesn't seem as small as it is. I'll take you to it when you come up. Its obviously nothing like I grew up with but its not too bad.