Friday, April 02, 2010

Back in San Antonio

After spending March in Rockport we are now back in San Antonio for a few weeks.  Our last week in Rockport was filled with lots of good times with our friends.

We visited the Corpus Christi Flea Market which turned out to be a bust.  Most of the places were closed and the ones that were open just contained really cheap stuff.  Of course I did still manage to purchase some of the said junk.



Sunday Bob & Molly did their famous boiled dinner.  It’s really not boiled at all, more like steamed which is WAY better.  There was potatoes, corn, onions, carrots, shrimp (which Keith & Donna bought right off the boat!), and stone crab claws that were so big they wouldn’t even fit in the pot!!



Everybody else provided the side dishes and desserts and we proceeded to the clubhouse to enjoy our feast




Then after everything was eaten and cleaned up we had another hotly contested game of Hand and Foot.


Wednesday we went out to breakfast with everybody (YES, we got up early).  We had to get up anyway because the glass people were coming to install new glass in our shower.  We have no idea how it broke, we just found it shattered one day.  We went to the RV dealer in town and they called a glass company.  If we had known that we would have just called the glass company ourselves and probably would have saved a few dollars.  Oh well, live and learn.

On our way home from breakfast we stopped at the shrimp place to buy our shrimp to take with us.  The gulf shrimp are the best!!  We ended up buying 10 lbs of medium shrimp.  To me that’s the best size for just about everything I cook with shrimp.  We got home and had to peel and devein them.  That took awhile but it’s all done, vacuum sealed and stashed away in the freezer.  We may just have a few pounds extra to share with a certain Canadian couple we plan on visiting.  Hope I don’t forget the butter…



DSC_0089-4 DSC_0098-4

Thursday was moving day.  Everybody left before we did but we weren’t too far behind.  We pulled out at 9:30 but had to stop at the office to pay our electric bill.  Robert, the manager, is very friendly and LOVES to talk, talk, talk.  We finally pulled out of the campground at about 10:00.  LOL.  We didn’t have that far to go to get to San Antonio.  Only about a 3 hour drive.  Mark and Dortha had planned to stay at the same place as we were for a few days.  They beat us only by about 10 minutes.

The last time we were here we had planned to see the San Antonio Missions.  As usual, time got away from us and we ended up leaving without seeing them.  Well, this time we made plans again to see them.  Mark & Dortha had been wanting to see them too so that was the plan.  First, Rod had been badgering Dortha to make him waffles so today she finally agreed to make them before we headed out to the Mission trail.  They were really yummy and a great way to start our day!!

The first Mission on the trail was Mission San Jose.



Since this is in the National Park system we get a stamp at each Mission!


The next Mission on the trail was Mission San Juan



Next was Mission Espada



Next was Mission Concepcion



Inside Mark & Dortha look like they’re walking down the aisle after getting married.  LOL


After completing our Mission tour we wanted to see the Alamo since it was officially the first Mission.  Why it’s not on the National Parks list I don’t know.  We ended up not going in because it being Good Friday the place was packed and there was actually a LONG line to get into the shrine.


Mark drove around the block and picked us up in front and we headed to dinner.  We were looking for La Margarita because Erica told me they had great food.  She didn’t lie.


Jenny, I really wanted that tortilla holder on the right side of the table but my purse wasn’t big enough.  ;)


Mi Tierra is another restaurant right down the street and they have a HUGE bakery so of course we had to stop and get our dessert for later.


Tomorrow we plan on visiting the Lone Star brewery for a tour.  And since it’s John’s birthday we’re all meeting up at Papadeaux’s for dinner.  Should be a great day and I don’t even have to get up early!!!


Anonymous said...

looks like you are still having way to much fun and what ever you do DON'T FORGET THE BUTTER I just paid 4.99 for a pound and it was on Sale.

keep having fun and can't wait to see you two


JB said...

Those shrimp will go great with the "prairie oysters".

Joe and Sherri said...

Ask JB if those "prairie" oysters are like mountain oysters...
Give those two a big hug from Sherri and I

Jim and Dee said...

Thanks for pictures of the Missions. I've heard so much about that area. One day we'll get there too. Thanks for the posting, so much fun with all our friends.

Teri and Mark said...

Yummy boiled dinner!

Mark & Teri said...

Just figured out that you were traveling with the last bloggers I read, Mark and Dortha. Looks like ya'll had a great time.