Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hanging out in Moab



We arrived in Moab on Monday, got set up and took off for Canyonlands Needles Overlook.  This is just a road that goes out to the edge of the canyon and you can see the “needles” from there.  It was a hazy day so they didn’t show up very well in the pictures.



It’s a LONG way down but there’s fence


The Needles in the background


Yesterday we took off for Canyonlands Island in the Sky.  We’ve been here before but it was before I had my book so we had to go again for that.  This place looks very similar to the Grand Canyon even with the Colorado River snaking through it.  The Green River also flows through it.




From there we headed for Arches National Park.  This was our third time visiting this park but there were a few hikes that we really wanted to do.  One was the short hike uphill to see Delicate Arch.  This is the most famous of all the arches in the park.  It’s even on the Utah license plate.


Delicate Arch


The next hike we wanted to do was to Landscape Arch.  The trail used to go all the way under the arch but since part of it collapsed in 1991 they closed that part.


You could also see Double O Arch from the trail


The rest of the visit we just drove around looking at all the other arches

Skyline Arch


The  Windows


Double Arch


This is Balanced Rock.  Eventually erosion will make it fall


This is called The Three Gossips


We headed home and turned on the news.  The report was not good.  High winds had already shut down I-80 in Reno and I-70 (which is where we were headed) was probably going to be shut down as well.  There was also snow predicted in the mountains that we had to cross over to get to Salt Lake City.  We went to the office and explained the situation so we were able to keep our spot for another day.  The wind has been relentless ALL day today but is supposed to die down after midnight.  We’re hoping to make Salt Lake City tomorrow but we’ll have to see how the weather is.


Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Stranded at Arches? Now that's some tough duty! But try to make the best of it. LOL

Jim and Dee said...

Thanks for taking us along. I love pictures from that area. I see on the weather channel it's going to snow and be icy. Be careful and have safe travels.

Donna aka Froggi said...

Where are you guys staying in Moab?

Speedy said...

Great photos! We can't wait to see all this.

Shelli said...

Landscape arch is my absolute favorite. We hit it at the end of our day and I almost didn't go. I'm so glad I did. Its gorgeous! Of course, we couldn't stay because Ashton had to go to the bathroom. Todd and to run all the way back with Ashton on his shoulders to get him to a bathroom. ;)

Suzanne and Brad said...

Hope you had some better weather than we did with y'all last year!

Happy Travels!
Suzanne & Brad