Sunday, April 04, 2010



HAPPY EASTER, everybody!!  Hope everybody has a great day.

Yesterday was John’s birthday so we had made plans to meet him and Erica for dinner at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen.  John LOVES seafood and doesn’t get to have it very often because Erica is allergic to shellfish and doesn’t care for other fish.  SOOOOO, being it was his birthday she knows that’s what he likes and he picked the restaurant.

First off we had some shopping to do.  I was watching the Food Network (BIG surprise, right?) and there was a really good looking recipe using an oversized muffin pan.  Since I didn’t have one and we really didn’t have any plans until dinner I sent Rod over to Mark & Dortha’s to see if they wanted to go shopping.  Well, Dortha had seen the same show and also wanted one of those pans.  LOL.  So, it was off to the outlet mall for us for a muffin pan.  Yeah, right.  Not only did I get a muffin pan but I couldn’t pass up the sale of 30% off on a mini deep fryer, a waffle iron and a few new kitchen gadgets.



Then since we were all hungry but didn’t want to spoil our dinner we had to get a little snack.  Some little tacos sounded good.


Then it was off to dinner with John & Erica.



The menu here is so HUGE it was hard for everybody to pick something.  Funny thing is that we all ordered seafood (except Erica) but everybody got something different.  John got king crab legs, I got halibut, Rod got redfish, Mark got tilapia and Dortha got stuffed shrimp.


After we finished dinner we headed back to our place for cake and ice cream.


And of course, some Farmville


Mark & Dortha headed to Fort Worth today to have some family time of their own and we’re going to miss them SO much.  It was so much fun spending the last month with them.  We still have a week or so here with John & Erica so we’ll enjoy our time with them.  Today they’re coming over to spend Easter with us so ham and asparagus is on the menu.

Again, Happy Easter to everybody!!


JB said...

Now once that rooster gets you up in the mornings here on the farm, waffles are one of my favourites and Sweetpea sold my waffle iron at a garage sale years ago!!

Penny said...

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squawmama said...

Happy Easter... Sounds like you had a great time with your family & friends for John's BD... I also love the food network and watch it all the time... Have a wonderful day and tracel safe!