Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nice & Hot Here in Utah

Temps all week have been in the 90's here. I'm REALLY liking it.

Boy, I'll tell ya, it's almost like living back in a regular house around here. We've just been doing regular stuff like laundry, Rod's been washing the rig and the grandkids have been regular visitors. We ran a bunch of errands on Friday. I was looking for a new laundry hamper, some more insulated cups and various other things. I was having a barbecue on Saturday so I sent an email to Betty to invite them as well. When I got home from my errands I had a reply to my email so I went to get my cell phone to call her but it was gone! Oh brother!! I checked out in the truck and called my number with Rod's phone. No phone. I called every place we had been to and nobody had turned in a phone. They took Rod's number and said they would call if anyone turned it in. I checked online to see if it was being used and it wasn't. The weird thing about it is that when I try to call my number it goes straight to voicemail. It's supposed to ring a few times before that. Oh well, this morning I called and suspended service. It still has not been used at all. Weird. The bad thing is that now I have to get a new phone and all my phone numbers and pictures are in the old phone. That's right, PennYE, I will no longer have your picture in my phone. :( I really don't have numbers stored anywhere else so if everybody could email me with your phone numbers that would be great. Or you could just call me. :) Rod's got some but not all the ones I had.

Friday night Ashton & Reilly spent the night again on Nana & Papa Rod's "transformer couch". That's what Ashton calls the sofa bed. At 1:30 in the morning Reilly woke us up when she started throwing up. Ughhhhh. I got up and cleaned everything up and laid out a towel for her to lay on. I'll clean up the rest in the morning. About 15 minutes later she was at it again with dry heaves. Ughhhhh. Got up again. About 15 minutes after that, well, you get the idea. I got up and put her in bed with us. At least I wouldn't have to keep getting up. This went on for the rest of the night. By morning she was only doing it every hour or so and then by 10:30 she was done and you'd never know there was anything wrong. It's amazing how fast kids recover from illness. Ashton never woke up during the whole thing.

We went ahead and had our barbecue on Saturday. It took until Sunday for the rest of us to get what little Miss Reilly was sharing. Rod and I took turns sharing the bathroom. Boy, it's really hard to be sick when you only have one bathroom. Monday Ashton & Reilly were supposed to come over and spend the day with us because they're going to Colorado on Tuesday for the weekend so we won't see them until they get back. Rod called to tell them not to bring the kids over and we found out that wouldn't be a problem because they were all sick too. All except Miss Reilly, of course.

Todd called this morning and asked how everybody was. "We're fine here, how's everybody there?" LOL. He had some errands to run in preparation for their drive to Colorado and asked if we could watch the kids for a few hours. No problem now. We're feeling much better and I slept like a rock last night. They're not leaving until late afternoon. Todd didn't want Reilly to take a nap because they figured it would be better for her to sleep in the car. Hmmmmmm, wonder why. :) Oh well, they were watching TV and it got really quiet so I went in the bedroom to check and this is what I found. Sorry, Todd :) She never even asked for her "binky"!!

Oh yeah, Ashton & Reilly each got a haircut today before they came over. Reilly's hair looks really short in that picture but it's not really. Here's their new "do's"

They're such goons sometimes

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