Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Layton, Utah

Yesterday we went to lunch at the Asian Buffet in Layton. It's about 20 miles north of us. We were meeting up with Mary from the RV-Dreams chat room. This is the second time we have met someone from the chat room. Mary met us there with her husband and parents. Mary was instrumental in legalizing ferrets in Ogden once the idiot politicians realized they're not wild animals and have been domesticated for thousands of years. Mary knew I had a history with ferrets so she brought the newspaper clippings to show me. Very impressive and her little Einstein is sooooooo cute. Really nice people and the choice of restaurants was awesome. The buffet was HUGE. We'll definitely be going back again sometime before we leave here.

When we left the restaurant we had plans to go look at some other campgrounds in the area. First stop was Cherry Creek. This place is a water park with a RV Campground. When we inquired inside we were told they were booked up every weekend through August. Okay then.

Next stop was Lagoon. It is also a water park with a RV Campground. They even have a Subway Sandwich Shop on site. We went inside to inquire about availability and were told they have a one week limit. Hmmmmm, we're really running out of options. I guess we'll just have to stay here till we're ready to leave in July. Salt Lake City just doesn't have many choices for campgrounds. If this place that we're staying in (Pony Express RV Resort) wasn't here there wouldn't be anywhere we could stay close to the kids.

As we were driving back I said, "Hey, I can see the Great Salt Lake." So we punched in the directions to Antelope Island State Park in the Garmin. We found out the exit was just past where we had lunch. LOL Soooooo, we turned around and headed for the park. We got to the gate and asked if we could have a campground map and if we could go drive through just to see if we would fit. The girl at the gate said she'd have to charge us the $9 entry fee. Uh, I don't think so. Just to drive through the campground? So we didn't get to see it. They have a two week limit anyway.

I looked on the Garmin again for the Great Salt Lake State Park. It's way on the southern end of the lake and another 30 miles or so. Oh well, what else do we have to do? We found it okay after leaving Salt Lake City to the west. The entrance is really out in the middle of nowhere. When we got there the gates were locked because they had closed at 6:00. We didn't check to see if there was a campground but obviously there isn't or they wouldn't lock the gates that early. Later, after looking it up, I found out it's just a marina with a public viewing spot of the lake. They also have a search and rescue operations center there.

By then it was after 8:00 so we headed to the grocery store and the gas station. $4.73 a gallon for diesel. :( After that we headed home and got here around 9:00.

Mary & her husband. Sorry guys, this is the only picture I got

Mary's parents

What a buffet!!

Never did get a good picture of the lake

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