Sunday, June 29, 2008

Utah Art Festival

Yesterday we went out to the Utah Art Festival in downtown Salt Lake City. First we stopped at Smith's (grocery store) to pick up my old phone. I got a text message from the person who had found my phone saying that she had the flu but was sending her fiance with the phone. Got another one from her saying he was there and had given it to the manager. At least now I can get my numbers and pictures back! YAHOO!!!

I wasn't really sure where the art festival was but I remembered hearing something on TV about it being at Pioneer Park. I entered that into the GPS (PennYE) and headed out. We found the park okay but everybody was closing up their booths. What??!! It was only 1:30!! We decided to go across the street where we saw a sign for a market/deli. It was an Italian grocery store and fish market. They had a really nice deli with tables to have lunch so that's what we did. Looking across the street at the park there was a big sign that said Downtown Farmer's Market. Well, duh. The place we thought was the art festival was the farmer's market which DOES close at 1:00. Rod asked the guy behind the counter where the art festival was and he told us Washington Park right across the street from the Library. We found out later it's also called Library Square. Alrighty then.

We found Washington Park pretty easy since it was only a few blocks away. We found a place to park for $6 and admission to get inside was $10 each. Gheeze, we're not even that into art. It was incredibly hot too. We walked around a little bit and then found Alex and Ryan who were working a crepe stand. They weren't due for a break for another hour or so and said they would make us some crepes then so we went over to the Festival Stage. There was a Celtic band playing called Stonecircle and they were very good. We were just sitting on the grass, nice breeze blowing and listening to music. That alone made the $10 admission worth it.

Alex and Ryan found us and brought crepes with them! Oh my gosh, were they ever good!! Mine was strawberries and nutella and Rod's was strawberries, whipped cream and powdered sugar. They were as big as the plate and really, really yummy! I really wish we hadn't eaten lunch already because the food at the festival all looked so good. By then there was a different band playing called Traveller who was the headliner. Also very good. A bald guy playing an acoustical violin and the guy playing bass guitar had hair down to his knees. They also had a woman belly dancing. Really interesting sounding music.

My camera decided to die while we were there. I took a few pictures and when I tried to turn it off the lens stayed out and wouldn't retract. I pushed the lens in by hand and turned it back on. The lens stayed in. Gheeze. I haven't even had this camera for that long. Looks like another trip to Walmart tomorrow. :)



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