Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday & Happy Father's Day!!

Saturday was my birthday so Michele & Todd took Rod and I out to dinner to celebrate that and Father's Day. We went to a Brazilian restaurant called Rodizio's. Oh my gosh, can you say MEAT???!!! They brought around these huge skewers (I called them swords) of different kinds of meat. They would cut off a little piece and then you would grab it with your little tongs and they would cut off the rest. They did bring some grilled pineapple out every now and then and one skewer of mahi mahi but it was dry and a little over cooked. We had a little wooden block on our table that was painted green on one end and red on the other end. When you wanted them to bring more meat you put the green side up and when you wanted a break you put the red side up. It was a lot of fun and a lot of MEAT!! We really stuffed ourselves and had to waddle out of the restaurant. They do have a complete salad bar with sides like potatoes and rice and other stuff like that but nobody wanted to fill up on that stuff. :) I thought I had escaped the obligatory singing but alas, it wasn't to be. Michele had sneaked away and told our waitress it was my birthday so of course they came to our table to sing the Brazilian version of Happy Birthday. Thank you so much Todd & Michele for a FANTASTIC night of food and fun!!

Can you believe I actually forgot my camera and so did Todd & Michele??? These pictures were taken with my cell phone. I guess they're better than nothing to remember this great night.

Playing around with our server

Happy birthday to me.......

Sunday we went down to Dave & Betty's house for a Father's Day celebration. As usual the food was fantastic. Dave and Ryan (Todd's brother) smoked some salmon and orange roughy and then Todd barbecued ribs. We also had corn on the cob, potato salad, beans, rolls and fruit. After we ate we had a spirited competition of croquet. The guys cheated every chance they got so they won but it was fun anyway. We stopped the game to enjoy some key lime pie for dessert. I spent most of the day with my foot elevated with ice on my ankle because I twisted it on what I have since named the "devil chair". It's a rocking chair and the rockers stick out and grab you when you try to walk by. Still swollen today but feeling much better. I think I'll just sit in my recliner for a few days till I can walk again. :)

Michele taking a shot

Alex (Ryan's girlfriend from Costa Rica) receiving instruction from Ryan

Dave taking his shot

Betty taking her shot under the watchful eye of Ashton

Here we all are.

I know he really does love her but sometimes it's hard to tell

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