Saturday, July 12, 2008

Almost Done Here

I'm starting this on Saturday but will finish it on Sunday. Reilly is napping and Ashton went to a birthday party. They are going to be spending the night again tonight. We're having everybody over tomorrow for our last "hurrah" before we leave on Monday morning. We're going to miss the really great time we had here for the last two months. We got a lot of visiting in and a little bit of sightseeing in a part of the country we would have never gone to. We also visited a State Park that we would like to come back to someday and stay for a few weeks. We know that we'll be back in November and we'll probably come back to this same park again. We don't like the concrete and asphalt so much but it IS convenient and we do like the security here. The people who run the park are really nice and love to see the grandkids. They even came by on the 4th of July with popsicles for them.

Michele and Todd have been talking about moving to Colorado some day (where Todd is from) but I don't know if that's going to happen in the near future or if it's just wishful thinking on their part. We sure would like for them to be in Colorado. It would be a GREAT excuse to visit Colorado!! Did I mention Colorado?? :)

We had to have a second A/C installed while we were here too. It was so hot here that our one A/C was running 24/7 and still couldn't keep us cool. The temp inside got up to 86 degrees. Now, that's way too hot for inside. It does cool off at night into the 60's but it takes awhile. Now that we have the second one it blows cold air into the living room and we can have both of them on low and it's a comfortable 75 degrees inside now.

I'm getting a head start on getting stuff put away for our drive. We've got A LOT of things that need to be put away. I'm going to have to print out one of those lists that people use if I can figure out how to print from my laptop. I haven't used one since the beginning of our move into the 5th wheel. I have a short little list for the things that I was always forgetting to do but I think I'll need a bigger one this time. I bought a new laptop and can't figure out how to set up my printer. I had it setup on my old one but this one has Vista and my desktop is XP. I'm not sure but I think that's where my problem is. I'm trying to share a printer from XP to Vista. Is that the problem, John? John is going to school to become a computer geek. He's pretty much finished and only has his certifications to complete.

Well, I didn't get this finished on Sunday. Today is Monday. We left Salt Lake City this morning at about 11:30. Not too bad. Our drive was pretty uneventful which we really like. We are staying at Bingham County Recreation Area in Shelley, Idaho. There is this really tiny campground here with water and electric hookups. There are only 12 sites and a total of four RV's. I found out about this campground from somebody who was reading my blog one day and told me how she finds little county parks. Thanks for this one, Jo!! It's only $16 a night and we kinda wish we were staying a little longer. Oh well, it's on to Yellowstone tomorrow.

It was hard saying good bye to the kids and grandkids last night. But, the good news is that they may be coming to see us at Yellowstone!! YAY!! Michele put in for the time off and she'll let me know if it's approved. She said it should be.

These are some pictures from the last few days.

My Little Goofballs

Playing in the "Big" Pool

Another State for my map

Snake River

Our Site at Bingham County Recreation Area

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