Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big Boat Day

YAY!! We took the boat out yesterday! It wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. Yes, it's very heavy but we manhandled it just fine. Rod deflated it and loaded it on the back of the truck without the floor boards by himself. I didn't even know he was doing it. We didn't leave till about 11:30 in the morning. We drove the 1/4 mile to Henry's Lake State Park and the boat wasn't in the water until 1:40. We used our little Honda 2000 generator plugged into our air compressor to inflate it right on the boat launch. I'm glad it was a Monday because the lake wasn't crowded at all. This launch has four lanes but only two were really being used at any one time.

Once on the water we discovered that we didn't exactly fill it as full as we should have. It was bending at the bow every time we hit a little wave. We found a little finger off the lake where the water was really, really calm. In fact there were some people there with knee boards and tubes. Rod ran the motor really slow to break it in. It's supposed to have ten hours on it before you can run it at full speed. I don't think we'll ever run it at full speed. I tell ya, it's was such a relaxing little cruise around the lake.

Do we look relaxed or what??

There were a lot of these white pelicans on the lake but it's really hard to take pictures when the boat is bobbing up and down

We spent three hours on the lake and were exhausted when we got back. Between the sun beating on us and the wind blowing constantly it just zapped our energy. When we got back to the rig Rod decided he was going to make popcorn for dinner. We didn't eat the lunch I packed until about 3:00 so neither one of us was really hungry for dinner.

I got on my computer and one of my chat friends was online. We had tried the other night to get my webcam up and working and couldn't so we were going to try again. This time it worked just fine and I got to "meet" Dee through our webcams. Pretty funny. She and her husband Jim are looking to buy a 5th wheel as soon as they retire so she was asking about our floor plan. I unplugged my computer and walked it around the rig and gave her a tour. It kinda reminded me of the show, The Big Bang Theory when the Indian guy (Raj) had his parents on webcam and they kept telling him to turn the computer around so they could see. LOL I hope you enjoyed your tour, Dee.


Joe and Sherri said...

Yes Deb the other night I was on with Dee and she moved her computer around so Sherri and I could see Jim in his chair...I thought about that show!!! LOL Funny you should mention that. Did you and Dee figure out how to connect?? Maybe we can connect tonight and I can meet you too. Sherri and I have a boat...it is smaller than yours but we have not had it out on the water yet. Maybe we will and take some pictures so you can see ours??

Joe and Sherri

Dee and Jim said...

I loved it. Thanks for the "tour" of the rig. I love webcams, it's fabulous for family members.