Sunday, July 27, 2008

Boat Inflated

Last night in the RV chatroom there was some discussion about someones blog (Ellie) featuring a picture of a fellow chatter (Speedy) and his little, uh, run in with a quite large beetle. Apparently he was trying to upstage Ellie's husband Jim who had an encounter with a snake in the grass. Speedy is known for his "slight" exaggerations hence the picture by Ellie. Jenny thought it would be funny for everyone to include his picture in their blogs so here's my entry. Great photo Ellie.

We got the boat out a few days ago to inflate it and put it together. We bought this boat way back in October to take advantage of free shipping. This is the first time we've even had it out of storage compartment underneath. I think we made a HUGE mistake in the size we chose. It's 12'6" and it weighs a TON. I think we're going to have trouble putting it on the truck. It took us about 4 hours total to put it together. Then we had to deflate the bow in order for it to fit under our rig. I think once we get used to it we'll be able to put it together faster. Now the only thing we have to figure out is if we want to completely take it apart to store it or leave it partially put together and figure out HOW we're going to store it. Anybody have a 9 or 10 foot boat they want to trade for a 12 foot one?? Maybe we'll just have to find a U-Haul place and rent a trailer for a day. I also found out by reading the literature that we got with it that it has to be registered. Since we are still residents of Florida it has to be registered there. We're certainly not going back to Florida anytime soon. If we use it without the motor we don't have to register it. Who makes up these rules anyway???

Before inflation

In the process of

Fully inflated

Nice and cozy in storage

We went into the little town of West Yellowstone yesterday to do a little bit of shopping. Rod bought the plywood he needed to make his little box for the motor and completed that project. We also picked up a few groceries we needed. There are two stores in town and both are quite small but do carry the basics. The entire store smelled like fresh baked bread so I asked the cashier if they had a bakery. She said they did and the lady brings it out from the back of the store. Of course I had to buy some. I bought a loaf of roasted garlic french bread. It just sounded really, really yummy. On the way home we saw a deli so we stopped in and bought some salami and provolone cheese to go with our bread. I think I might just save it for the next "Yellowstone Wednesday".

I just got this in an email and HAD to share. Click on the picture to read. It's pretty funny.........

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Joe and Sherri said...

Thanks for the advertising of my picture. LOL I am world renoun now. I think everyone got the wrong idea about my story,however, I was trying to make Jim feel bet ter about hisself. He said he screamed like a girl...well I dropped my drawers!!! I use to look that skinny but not anymore. I love the Bear warning that is funny. Bells who would ever think to do that.