Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Unexpected Visitors

Friday we were sitting around doing absolutely nothing. Rod was hanging around outside and I was just doing everyday stuff inside. We were getting ready to go walk the cross country course that was set up here for a big event on Saturday. I saw this woman walking up the hill behind our rig and start talking to Rod. Then they hugged! Hmmmm, I thought, Rod's really getting friendly with our campers. LOL Turns out she was a really good friend of Rod's sister, Sue, from high school. He hasn't seen her since then probably. Turns out she's a really nice lady and was camping here after talking to Sue. Sue told her we were camphosting here and she asked her not to say anything as she wanted to surprise us. We ended up spending most of the weekend with her, her husband Paul and grandson Tristan. We really enjoyed their company.

Janet and Tristan

Rod and Paul

What a busy weekend. This place was absolutely PACKED! You would have thought it was a holiday weekend. The weather wasn't even that great. Fog all day on Saturday and it keeps coming in and out today. Most all of the campers left this morning but more people keep coming in today. Unbelievable. We had a GREAT weekend though.

There was a big high school cross country meet on Saturday. Twenty high schools were represented here at the Salt Creek Invitational. We walked the course on Friday and I was the first one to complete the course. LOL, that's the only way I would be able to beat anybody at this race.

You can see how foggy it was

Here they come!

We also went to Rod's mom's house last week and picked the rest of the apples on her tree. I told you guys I was going to have to make some strudels and pies. Well, I don't bake usually but it seems like I have baked more since we've been here than I have in the last ten years. I've made three blackberry cobblers and two strudels. I've got to make some more kinds of apple something because these are gravenstein apples and the reason you don't see them in stores is because they don't last very long. As long as I make something out of them I can then freeze it. We didn't get a chance to freeze the strudel because we ate all of it pretty quickly. Oh well, I guess I'll have to make more. I'm really getting the hang of this baking thing.

Still more apples to use up

Not a bad looking strudel, huh? I forgot to cut the steam holes though

I guess that's it for this weekend. More people are still coming in although it's definitely not going to be like the weekend was. We should have a pretty quiet week.


Anonymous said...

Pace yourself...
At your age to much baking can't be good... :)

Jim and Dee said...

I'm thinking the opposite then the last post. The older we get the less time we have to enjoy all the good stuff in life. Ok, that does it, I have to make a chocolate cake, or an apple dumpling.

Debbie and Rod said...

Okay you guys, I'm not THAT old! :)