Thursday, September 11, 2008

Salt Creek Recreation Area

That's really the official name of the place we're staying at. It really is a beautiful park with million dollar views. Not so great when the fog rolls in but that hasn't happened very often since we've been here. I know when winter comes it does get really windy here but that hasn't happened yet either. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. Mid 70's during the day and chilly (upper 40's) at night. Most days when we get up the sun is already out. That really starts my day off right. If it's cloudy or rainy when I get up it just starts my day off in a bad mood.

It's not just cruise ships that we see going by

The park has been pretty busy which I guess is kinda unusual for this time of year but I'm sure it probably has something to do with the nice weather. Also Boeing in Seattle is on strike so maybe people have more free time to camp. The staff here really does a great job in keeping the park beautiful and of course "Ranger Rod" does his part too. The park recently received a new electric truck. It's kinda funny looking but they're trying to do their part in "going green".

Here's Lori, the Park Ranger with her new truck

Rod went out the other day and picked a big bowl of blackberries. I made a cobbler for his mom and then had to make another one for him.

Here's the big bowl of blackberries

This is what I did with them but Rod has eaten half of it already

We borrowed Rod's mom's car the other day and went to Auburn (Seattle area) to visit some friends and also it's the only Sam's Club around and we needed some supplies. Using her car sure did save us A LOT of money in fuel. We spent $40 to fill up her car twice. If we had taken our truck it would have been well over $100! I don't know why we still shop there. Sometimes I think we still live like we did before with a three bedroom home and 2 bathrooms. We don't really have room to buy in bulk but we still do. Some of it goes down below, some of it goes in the back seat of the truck and some of it we do find room for inside. I did manage to convince Rod he really didn't need twelve bars of soap right now. I couldn't talk him out of the four bottles of Acai berry juice though. The price at Safeway was $5.09 for one bottle and the price at Sam's was $5.66 for two!

I didn't get any pictures of my friends Bruce & Marvina. I don't know what's up with me and the camera lately. I take it everywhere I go but I guess I'm having too much of a good time and I forget to take any pictures. We're hoping they'll come out to the park and spend some time with us out here. It's not exactly an easy drive to get here being about a two and a half hour drive from Seattle but it IS a gorgeous drive and a really nice park.

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Mark and Dortha said...

What a beautiful park and view. Enjoy it for us too.