Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

We went over to Rod's mom's (Arlene) house on Friday and had a nice visit. We had planned on taking her out to dinner because we kinda surprised her with our visit. She knew we were coming to town, she just didn't know when. Well, it was a good thing we had that planned because the power went out at her house and was out for quite some time. We had a really nice dinner at The Landing which has excellent fish and chips. We were craving fish so much. I had the waitress take our picture but it didn't come out that great because of the sun (yes, I said SUN) behind us. I'll get more pictures later since we ARE going to be here for two months. The fish was so good but they could improve on their fries. I've never heard of waffle fries for fish and chips. Rod and I had the halibut and Arlene had the cod.

Saturday Rod's niece (Debbie) and her husband (Mike) came over for a visit. I know our friends and family's visits usually revolve around food but they had already eaten at Arlene's house so no food to talk about. We had a really nice visit with them, in fact it was so nice I totally forgot to take any pictures. Oh well, Debbie, you'll just have to come back again for another visit.

Today is Labor Day. Hope everybody that has to work is enjoying their three day weekend. It's not exactly warm here for a barbecue but we'll be doing burgers anyway. It's so nice to sit here and watch all the camping people leaving. Our campground is pretty much empty now. It was packed to the gills this weekend. It wasn't rowdy at all because for one thing, the row below us was occupied by a church group and for another thing, they don't allow alcohol here in the park. It was really quiet here at night after 10:00. Before that though it was really loud with all the kids here. Good grief, just about every camper had at least three kids and two dogs with them. I'm glad they all had a good time but I'm just as glad to see them leave.

Our empty campground

We took a walk around the campground yesterday but I neglected to take my camera. (What's up with THAT???) There's a lot of wild huckleberries growing here. I had to Google it to find out if they were ripe. Rod told me they were red. Well, he obviously has never seen a huckleberry before because they look EXACTLY like a blueberry! I haven't seen any blackberries yet but I know they're here somewhere. Maybe not in this park but they used to be all over on the side of the roads.

Today starts our camphosting duties. It really doesn't take two people to do this job and Rod is so excited about having something to do that I just let him go ahead and do it. He was scrounging firewood this morning from people who had left when the other camphost told him they have wood for us behind the Ranger's house. All we have to do is go up there and split it. Rod LOVES splitting wood so I'm sure we'll have a nice pile of wood in no time. He's almost giddy about the chores he has to do.

Here'a picture of our campsite but tomorrow we'll be moving to the next one over so we can have sewer hookups.

Tomorrow we have a TON of errands to run. We need to get our mail from Arlene's house, go grocery shopping, do laundry and go to the post office. We'll take another walk around the campground today and I'll take pictures this time. Come back tomorrow for those.

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