Sunday, September 07, 2008

Salt Creek County Park

Well, it's been a few days since I updated so I thought I'd better let everybody know how we're doing or what we're doing. The answer is nothing. We've been here for a little over a week now and nobody has said anything about a day off. Hmmmm, gonna have to rectify that. It's not like we're overworked or anything but it would be nice to go somewhere for the day.

We met some people who were camped next to us, Alex and Lynne. They are also recent fulltimers. Last year they went to Alaska and still had fish in their freezer. We traded a package of halibut for a package of peaches that I had frozen earlier. Man oh man, was that halibut GOOD. We have been really craving fish and these people really came through. A few days later they gave us some salmon. We're having that tonight. They left a few days ago to visit their son in Wyoming. We're sure going to miss them. We shared a few campfires while they were here and just really got to know them. It's always sad when people like that leave but I know we'll keep in touch and maybe even see them down the road somewhere.

We walked around the park the other day and picked up trash. It just amazes me that people just throw their trash wherever. It's so beautiful here. I can't even tell you about all the dog doodoo. It's just so gross. Some of the places here you can't even walk across the grass because you have to watch the ground to avoid all the dog rockets (as Jolene calls them).

Yesterday we saw so many cruise ships both coming and going. It's just amazing how the cruise industry has become so big in Seattle. We saw a Norweigan ship and a Holland America ship coming in and going out we saw two Holland America ships, a Princess ship and something else that we couldn't tell what it was because it got too dark. It just looked like a big box with lights all over it. We've been seeing ships almost every day.

Holland America cruise ship

Another view of our campsite

Didn't I tell you we'd have a woodpile?

Look at these yummy blackberries

More of the blacktail deer in the park

Mount Baker in the distance

Today is Sunday and it's one of those days we love. We love it because we can sit here and watch all the camping people leave. That sounds kinda snotty but it's so nice and quiet during the week when there's nobody here.

We're hoping some of our friends or family in the area will come out here to either visit or camp. Rod's mom was here yesterday for dinner. Rod really wanted to go pick her up and bring her out but she was determined to drive herself. She's eighty-eight years old but has lived here in Port Angeles for sixty years. Well, she got lost and it ended up taking her two hours to drive the twenty miles to get here. Rod was beside himself with worry but there was nothing we could do. She doesn't have a cell phone so we couldn't even call her. She finally found us, had a glass of wine, ate dinner and relaxed for awhile before she had to drive back. We told her to call when she made it home. She made it home just fine in only a half an hour. Boy, were we relieved!


Shelli said...

OH! I'm getting so homesick!!!

Joe and Sherri said...

My Mom and Dad use to do the same thing. I worried so much but then what can you do. The day did come when I had to get the keys. Man that was hard but someone had to do it.

Joe and Sherri