Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Goose Island State Park

We started the day with the intention of going to a late lunch at The Big Fisherman because of the $2.25 all you can eat fish & chips and then going fishing at Goose Island. When we arrived at the restaurant the parking lot was packed and more people were still pulling into the vacant lot across the street. When I looked toward the entrance there was probably about 50 people waiting in line to be seated. Well, nevermind that. We went to Popeye's Chicken instead. I LOVE Popeye's but don't eat there very often because it's fried chicken. It's SOOOO good though.

Yesterday was supposed to be the last warm day for at least a week so after we were done with lunch we headed over to Goose Island State Park to their fishing pier. They have a really long pier and since it's a State Park you don't need a fishing license. It did cost us $5.00 each to get in though. A few times fishing there would pay for a license. Might have to rethink that plan. It was quite windy out at the pier. Not too cold but it was windy enough to require a jacket. We had planned on staying till the lights came on but it just got too cold for me. We weren't catching anything anyway and neither was anybody else. Rod did catch a little catfish but we don't like catfish and it was pretty small anyway. So we packed it all up and headed home.

He looks like he's having a good time

It WAS kinda cold

It's a LONG pier

And here are the rules......

We stayed until the sun was almost down

The next few days are supposed to be really cold here. Now, I know it's not as cold as the people up north are experiencing but for me this is COLD. I guess we'll just hunker down inside until we can go fishing again.

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Joe and Sherri said...

I would love to be on that pier with you but as things would have it I must occupy this office until further notice. I can't catch a thing here either...I will have to tell you that one year I was walking down a pier in Galveston and stepped on the dorsale fine of a gafftop that had been discarded by some fisherman...I hurt for two weeks with that wound!!!

Joe and Sherri