Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


We took a drive to the north side of the lake because we had seen people over there boondocking (dry camping) and wanted to see how it was.  Not that we were going to do it, we just wanted to see it.  LOL.  Most of the roads coming off the main highway are washboard type roads and there is no way we would take our RV on them.  It’s amazing how low the water level is in the lake.  Most of the boat ramps are closed and unusable.  One of them even said “Use at Your own Risk”.  Here’s one the boat ramps to nowhere.


These were the roads going down to the lake


We hear these guys every single night.  It’s so cool…


We really wanted to spend more time here at this RV park but they told us there is a 2 week limit for lake front sites.  I have no idea why they would make us leave when the park is so empty.  We were willing to pay the extra they charge but they said no.  Here’s a picture of our site


And here’s a picture of the other lake front sites EMPTY


This is how we spent most evenings


Sooooo after running a few shopping errands in town and going to my second most favorite fast food stop we left our great spot at Lake Mead and headed out of town.


We drove a whole 83 miles and are now set up in Laughlin, Nevada for a week.  We are being charged extra for being here during Thanksgiving.  I asked the guy who was checking us in what we got extra for the extra price.  “Nothing” was his reply.  Hmmm, this place is half empty also.  I’m sure places will start filling up after Thanksgiving and Christmas though.

Yesterday we drove over to Needles, CA looking for a place to stay during Christmas.  Since we’re having company we needed to find a place that also has cabins.  We found a really nice KOA there.  I was surprised at how nice this place was.  Usually KOA’s are just gravel parking lots and everybody is right on top of each other.  This place actually had tall bushes between each site and the manager gave us a map with available sites and told us we could go look at them.  This may be where we’re headed when we leave here on the 1st of December.  We still want to check out Lake Havasu though.  I think we’ll do that on Friday.  Don’t want to miss the Saturday football games…


Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

A little late but Happy Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful Christmas as well. It will be here soon.

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Looks like some great campsites in that part of the country. Great pictures!

Joe and Sherri said...

We will have to write these RV parks down so when we get out that way we will know where to stay. Rod roasting the wienner is priceless! What a hard life you two have.

squawmama said...

I am so late but hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving... What is the name of the campground you are in right now? Like you we love campsites near the water and somewhat private... I can't believe when a park will not extend your stay when they are not busy... Have Fun and glad to hear your home finally sold. Travel Safe

Bob and Molly said...

Interesting photos Deb!! looks like an awesome place!!!
Hope your Thanksgiving was great!