Friday, November 13, 2009

Lake Mead & Hoover Dam

Yesterday we had some errands to run in Boulder City so we decided it would be a good day to visit Hoover Dam.  We’re only about 5 miles from there.  First stop was the Visitor’s Center so I could get a stamp in my National Parks Passport.  Then we stopped at the Post Office to mail off a few things and then on to the grocery store (I was out of garlic).  When we walked up to the door we saw a sign that said the Pharmacy had flu shots so we decided to check that out.  They did indeed have them.  Just the regular flu shot not the H1N1 (swine flu).  After she made a quick call to our health insurance company we found out we only had to pay $8 each out of the $30 each that they charge.  Nice.

From there we headed to Hoover Dam.  It actually used to be called Boulder dam but was renamed in 1947 after President Hoover.  The road to get there is very narrow in spots with some hairpin curves so they are building a nice four lane highway and a new bridge which will be called the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge across the canyon so you won’t have to actually drive across the dam anymore.  The bridge is scheduled to open Sept 2010.  Click here for more info

Since 9/11 they have put in security measures which meant since the back of our truck is covered we had to go to the inspection station.  All they did was lift up a corner of the cover and peak inside before sending us on our way.


Security check point


He peaked under the cover


The new highway (not yet being used)


The new bridge under construction



This is what the bridge will look like when completed


Looking down at the spillway from the top of the dam


The middle of the dam is the dividing line between Nevada and Arizona




The water level in Lake Mead is WAY low right now.  It’s pretty amazing to see the old water line and how far down it is.  I’m not really sure why it’s that way.  I do know that Lake Mead is a man made lake that was created when they built the Hoover Dam so maybe they’re not letting any water into it right now.  It’s at a 44 year low.  Click here to read more about it.  When we were driving along the lakefront the Garmin showed us actually driving in the lake.  Even the boat launch is way up on shore.

Look at the water line!!



Since we have a cold weekend coming up we’re just going to lay low and watch football.  Laundry is all done for awhile so nothing else left to do…


Joe and Sherri said...

We visited the dam some time ago and really enjoyed it. We took the tour of the generator plant and could not believe the size of the turbines that are down there! Have fun and stay warm.

Jim and Dee said...

We were there in Feb and the water level has dropped tremendously. They were under severe water restrictions. Amazing how much lower it is. Great area, thanks for the new bridge pictures.