Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Vegas

Friday night my sister Joyce and brother-in-law Rick arrived from San Diego to spend the weekend with us.  We visited with them for a little bit then joined my brother George and sister-in-law  Jolene, Dana, Deanna, Marissa and Mark for dinner.  It was hard catching up with everybody because there were so many of us.  LOL. 

Saturday George & Jolene were racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  This was on the 1/4 mile track.  They had to qualify in order to race on Sunday.  Both qualified in their respective classes but we weren’t able to see Jolene’s race because it was at 7:30 in the morning.  That would have made for an incredibly LONG day as George didn’t race until 4:00 in the afternoon (which really ended up being 7:00).

First we had to stop for lunch on our way to the track




Jolene’s car


George’s car


George’s race


Sunday we went to the Flamingo Hotel & Casino on the strip to join Joyce & Rick for breakfast and a day of football watching.  Chargers won!!!  I got a phone call from Jolene that she lost her race but George was still in it.  He lost later in the day in the third round.  Oh well, there’s more races down the road.

Looking down the Las Vegas strip


Joyce & Rick




George & Jolene had been dry camping in their motorhome at the track and were heading to Pomona, CA for another race but since they didn’t need to be there until Wednesday they decided to come and park at Sam’s Town with us for a few days.  We ended up going to downtown Vegas again which I think is better than the strip anyway.  I’m not sure how we did between us with our gambling on this trip.  Some days we won, some days we lost.  It was part of our entertainment budget anyway.

More of the Fremont Street Experience.  Click here for more info.  This was done to the music of Don McLean’s American Pie.




Ashley, George and Jolene


Everybody kept asking us where we were going from here and we honestly had no idea.  Since we had never stayed at Lake Mead we decided that would be it. Lake Mead was formed when the Hoover Dam was built on the Colorado River.  Our drive was only 30 miles but what a difference in scenery.  You go 10 miles outside of Vegas and you’re in the desert.  We’re not into dry camping so we looked for a RV park and there were LOTS of them.  Most are deserted now as summer is their high season.  It’s still nice and warm here too.  Our temps are in the upper 70’s but there is a storm coming in this weekend.  No snow but cooler temps and some wind.  That’s okay with us because we are perfectly happy watching football all weekend.  After this busy week we had it’ll be nice to just rest and relax for a few days.

This was our drive along the lake


Our view out the back window


Lots of quail running around and LOTS of coyotes howling at night


We even have a fire pit!!!  We are definitely happy “campers”


We only paid for a week when we got here but decided we liked it so much that we went to the office and paid for another week.  Then we saw they were running a special for Thanksgiving where if you pay for 2 nights they’ll give you one more free night AND a free turkey!!  I think we’ll be staying here for Thanksgiving…


Bob and Molly said...

Oh Deb....three of our favorite things...Inn N Out (YUM!), racin' at Vegas, and campfires! Oh and fried turkeys are good too!!!:)
Sounds like a great time to us!

Chuck-Kathy said...

Not having a plan is part of the fun, but at least you know where you are spending In'N'Out is the best. Hugs

Joe and Sherri said...

Well have fun there

Seasons In The Sun said...

Glad to visit your blog!

Jim and Dee said...

What a great area. I'm surprised there's few at the campgrounds, it's very hot in the summer.