Monday, November 02, 2009

Catching up

I was doing so good writing my blog on a regular basis but once we got to Salt Lake City I’ve gone back to my old ways.  LOL.  It’s not that we’re that busy, I’m just being lazy.

We were going to leave this morning but when we looked at our reservations for Las Vegas I realized it was for the 4th so we decided to stay here for one more day and Rod got the truck washed and the windows on the rig washed too.

We’ve had such a nice time here with Todd, Michele, Ashton & Reilly.  The kids are getting older now so they’re not so needy and whiney.  LOL.  Michele took a day off work to go with us to the Golden Spike National Historic Site (click on it for more info)which is about an hour north of us.  It’s way out in the middle of nowhere but since it’s an historic site I got a stamp for my National Park Passport.  This is where the Union and Central Pacific Railroads joined their rails at Promontory Summit, west of Brigham City.  We toured their museum and then decided we needed to get something to eat.



On the way we saw some signs about an ATK missile display so we thought we’d take a look.  The rocket display is only a few miles past the Golden Spike turn off and it displays some of the rockets that Morton Thiokol manufactures.  Each rocket has a small plaque that explains what the rocket is and what it is used for.  Although all the rockets on display were very interesting,  the one that was the most interesting was the rocket booster for the Space Shuttle.  I know the Shuttle is a very large craft but you have no idea until you stand next to this booster, and it takes two to get the shuttle into space! 



Soon we were off to Famous Dave’s BBQ.  We’ve seen these all over the country but had never been to one.  The food was pretty darn tasty.  Rod ordered a beer and the girl told him she couldn’t serve it until his food was served.  Hmmmm, oh yeah, we are in Utah.


Tuesdays are Reilly’s ballet and tap class.  The first time we went to watch I forgot my camera.  This time the teacher said they could dress up in their Halloween costumes.  We weren’t sure if there was going to be a class because this is what we woke up to


Reilly is in a class with other 4 and 5 year olds but she is WAY smaller than everybody else.


Tap Class


The rest of the week was spent visiting until Saturday which was Halloween.  We went to Dave & Betty’s (Todd’s parents) for dinner that Todd had prepared. First he served us appetizers that Michele and Betty helped to prepare.  Bacon wrapped water chestnuts and a salmon dip with crackers.  Then Todd served his roasted yellow pepper and tomato soup that was to die for!!  He served it in sourdough bread bowls.


Reilly “helped” get the candy in the bowl for the trick or treaters


Then it was FINALLY time to go out and beg for their own candy!!



This guy was handing out candy from inside his boat that was parked in the driveway



Sunday Todd made crawfish etoufee and jambalaya at Rod’s request for his birthday dinner since his birthday is on Tuesday and we won’t be here.  Thank you Todd!!  Again, it was SOOOO YUMMY!!  We were going to have the leftovers for dinner today since it was a travel day but we didn’t travel.  LOL, I put a roast in the crock pot and tomorrow we’ll have the leftover etoufee and jambalaya somewhere down in southern Utah on our way to Vegas.

Another milestone happened during this trip.  Ashton lost one of his top teeth.  He just kept playing around with it using his tongue and it finally just fell out.  He’s already lost two bottom teeth but they had to be pulled out by the dentist because the permanent teeth were pushing up. 



Leno said...

Gee stranger, good to hear from you! The kids are adorable. I'm so glad you had a good visit..
Travel safe to Vegas. Wish we were going with you..

Ellie and Jim said...

So if Rod had ordered just an appetizer...She would have just brought him half of a beer? :)....Have a safe trip to Vegas....Hugs Jim & Ellie

Cheryl said...

Little Miss Tap dancer is so cute, loved the video. Hope the tooth fairy was good, front teeth are costly.

Happy travels, enjoy your blog!

Mark and Dortha said...

First of all Happy Birthday to Rod. Wish we were with you guys to help celebrate.

I know you have had a great time with the kids. They are growing up and sooo cute.

Safe travels and good luck in Vegas! Play a penny for me.

squawmama said...

♫♪♫♪♫ Happy Birthday Rod ♫♪♫♪♫

I know what you mean about getting to lazy to blog... Me too from time to time... BUT you guys sure made up for it with post full of adventure and cuteness... Thanks for sharing. Boy oh boy did all the food sound YUMMO!!! Aren't the passport books so much fun when you travel... I love getting stamps in mine too...

Have Fun & Travel Safely

Jim and Dee said...

Happy Birthday to Rod. The video is precious. I hope you keep a copy for future reference. Thanks for posting, mom says "HI".