Friday, February 22, 2008

Can You Say COLD???!!!

First of all I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big Sissy!! Hope it's a great one!!

I took that picture last night. Boy oh boy and we thought we were cold before??? We had an icestorm here in Louisville yesterday. It started at about 1:00 in the afternoon and continued all day and partway into the evening hours. The schools here closed at noon as did most of the businesses. The pipes in the kitchen froze up but the bathroom water was just fine. Weird. It's thawing out here slowly but surely and we now have the water back in the kitchen. Last night the temp dipped down to 18 degrees. The schools and businesses are starting late today to give the roads a chance to thaw out some.

We're having dinner again with our hosts Steve and Lisa tonight and then we're going to enjoy their hottub. YAHOO!!! WARMTH!!! (In a BIG bathtub) :)

We picked up the truck this morning after having the bed cover put on. WOW!! Thanks for the reference Howard & Linda. James is a master. We absolutely LOVE what he did with the cover. It's going to work great for us. He made us unsnap it and snap it back up to make sure that we knew what we were doing. We got to do it in the warmth of his garage though. I'll take some more pictures of it when the weather warms up some. It's too cold to stand outside snapping and unsnapping all those snaps. James wants us to send him some pics when it's all hooked up too so I'll have to do that on Tuesday. We may just hook up late Monday afternoon so that we don't have to be rushed to leave on Tuesday.

This is why we came to the freezing cold of Louisville in the dead of winter

We plan on leaving here on Tuesday because Wednesday is supposed to be the start of more freezing temps. We're soooooo done with cold weather. We'll be heading back down to Florida for a few weeks of warm temps.


Anonymous said...

Lisa (Hostess)'s not that cold. But I guess if you are from the south it feels colder than it is. I do know things shrivel up in cold weather so I'm sure you guys are anxious to get warm. ROFLMAO

Sissy said...

Hello from rainy California, sometimes I think we are in Seattle this winter. Thanks for the birthday wishes Sissy Jean! That was a fun time and it was warm and tropical ... remember? I thought you and Rod had lost it for awhile .... heading north in winter, especially since I know how much you enjoy cold weather! Ü I'm not sure how you are surviving, because I KNOW you think anything below 70 is freezing! Love you, have fun ~Sissy Ann