Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sweetwater KOA, TN

We had dinner Monday night with Lisa's daughter Sarah, her husband Joel and their 2 kids Caleb and Amelia. Caleb is the long lost brother of my grandson Ashton. Just kidding, it's just uncanny how much they look alike and they are also only 2 months apart in age. Joel entertained us on his guitar while Caleb danced a jig. Very nice evening and Joel is an excellent cook.

Caleb dancing


Not a good comparison picture. Caleb in top picture, Reilly and Ashton in bottom picture

We left Louisville yesterday morning after one little snafu. When Rod hooked up the truck on Monday we discovered that the cover James had made for us had too small of an opening for the 5th wheel to hookup to the truck. Rod called him and he came over the next morning to where we were, took the cover off and took it back to his shop. There he cut a bigger opening and made a cover for the opening with velcro so we can still put things in the back of the truck with the cover on and not have to worry about what can be seen back there. Pretty cool. Again, James was a SAINT!!

Our trip south was pretty uneventful. We didn't know how far we were going to go, we just knew we wanted to go south. We kept seeing RV's on the other side of the freeway going north and were just glad it wasn't us this time. We ended up at Sweetwater, TN and found this KOA easily and it is pretty inexpensive here. We were only going to stay one night but it snowed during the night and then again this morning. There's no reason for us to be driving in the snow. We don't really have anywhere we HAVE to be until May 20th so if we need to stay put we will. It's nice and warm inside. The weather reports say 40's tomorrow so we'll take off then.

This is what it looked like when we got up this morning. If you click on the picture you can see the snow better


Shelli said...

You call that snow?! You crack me up!!!

Debbie & Rod said...

Hey, if you click on the picture it looks like heavier snowfall

Anonymous said...

Advise to The Kendalls:

Instead of going South, turn right and head to Arizona. No snow here.

Anonymous said...

So Shelli agrees that a teeny dusting of white isn't really snow! Go Shelli!!!

Lisa (your former hostess & hot tub partner)